New, Old Poetry

I’ve updated my poetry page with some pieces that I found buried in an old book that I used to use to write my poetry in. There are still some things in that book that don’t make sense to me right now, and feel incomplete, but I did post two that continue to resonate, one of which I may have posted on a previous incarnation of this site, but got lost in the transfer for some reason.


The Trampler’s Guide to Foot Fetishes
Haunting[Read More]

Old Dog

My old dog woke me up this morning. The sad part is, it wasn’t because he needed to go out. No, no, instead he sat in his crate and flapped his head around until his ears made this noise that sounded like my grandmother was standing right next to my head, flapping out the sheets in the breeze so that the folds would be nice and crisp and the sheets wouldn’t get wrinkled.

I groaned and called him over to me when I realized that he had yet more ear infections and scratched his ears for him until he settled down. Then I tried to go back to sleep, but of course, it didn’t happen.

I couldn’t sleep because for some reason, it occurred to me that my brother told me that my grandmother’s dog had passed away the other day. My grandmother and grandfather got that dog a month or so before I came home for the first visit from Spokane.… [Read More]

Save Net Radio: Brief Reprieve

This isn’t a cure all, but as Nome pointed out in the comments the other day, Net Radio is being given a short reprieve that will delay charges until negotiations on what charges are appropriate have been completed. There is more on this on Save Net Radio’s website, and here’s the link to the article on wired.

I have emailed my Senators and congressmen. My congressional representative is a co-sponsor of the bill, and one of my senators emailed me back to let me know that she would vote in favor of the bill the congressman has sponsored. The other Senator never emailed me back… as usual for that Senator. I do have to wonder how she keeps getting re-elected. I always get emails back from one and never the other. It feels like it’s a waste of time to send the email to both of them.

If you haven’t emailed your senators and congressmen yet, do so today!… [Read More]

Ipod Swag!

I’ve had my iPod for nearly a month and in that month I’ve managed to get my hands on some iPod swag that I deem to be essential for all iPod owners. So for all you iPod fans out there, here it is, the post of all that is essential in the world of iPod Swag!

1. Belkin Clear Acrylic Case, for 2nd Gen iPod Nano.
This thing is the bomb! The first thing I did with my iPod nano the day after I got it, was drop it on the ground. I was so upset because now it has a scratch in the aluminum finish. The beauty part about these Belkin cases is that the front of them is colored to coordinate to your nano (or you can mix and match if you want), but this colored front hides any damage already on the front of your iPod.
Pros: It has a click wheel protector that does not reduce the sensitivity of the click wheel, hard screen protector for the color screen on the nano and a carabiner clip that you can actually rely on to keep your iPod firmly attached to your belt loop, or in my case, to my purse.… [Read More]

Save Net Radio: Court Report

This is sad. I’m not sure what to say about this except that it seems that Net Radio is going to die before it could even get off the ground. I find it cruel and unusual that so many of our lawmakers either fail to understand how internet start ups work, or understand it so well that they are trying to shut it down before it can even begin. Either event is a very sad statement on our society and the people we place our trust in to govern us.

Save Net Radio. If you haven’t already, write or call your senators and congressmen after clicking on the link to learn about the bill that is already sponsored in Congress which might actually save internet radio stations from an unfair demise.… [Read More]