Sony Gets Sick of Rootkit Infamy.

In an interesting business move, Sony BMG has filed a lawsuit against The Amergence Group for providing the MediaMax software that led to the rootkit scandal which has several people frothing at the mouth for Sony’s demise.

Oddly enough, this suit says what I said at the beginning of this whole mess, that Sony did not write the rootkit and that it was extremely likely that Sony had no idea that the rootkit mess would emerge from their attempts at copy protection. They hired a third party to handle copy protection for them, they trusted the third party to respect Sony’s customers. Sony put their trust in the wrong company. Simple as that.

Sony’s not looking to recoup money lost from the rootkit scandal. Money on this magnitude is small time for a company like Sony. What Sony is doing with this lawsuit, is using it to recover their good name because they’ve finally gotten sick of the slashdotters and diggers who constantly blame Sony for all the world’s ills because “Sony made a rootkit!”

Sony’s out to prove them wrong, and Sony is right to do so.… [Read More]

Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad North American Release!

I got my hands on a copy of Beck today! I’m so excited I can’t tell you! I couldn’t wait to grab my pocket knife and carefully slice open the plastic covering the disc. Inside is a black guitar pick with the Beck logo inscribed on the front, on the back it says “Music is life!” Which, as any fan of this series knows is the key premise of the show.

The big worry I had was that the opening and closing credits would not be in tact. I checked those out real fast, then sat down to watch a little bit before dinner. So just so everyone knows, I have NOT spent much time with this DVD. What I can tell you is as follows:

The opening credits are in tact! I am very pleased that the music for Beck is still “Hit in America”. I hadn’t seen confirmation of this in any articles on the release of this series so far, so for any readers who’ve happened upon this and were wondering… yes, the Beat Crusaders are still a part of the show.… [Read More]

Kurt Loder Lambasts Sicko!

This is a fantastic article with the most intelligent, thought out arguments about why people at large should take one look at Michael Moore’s films, and never bother to actually pick them up, let alone play them or heaven forbid, watch them.

I’ve seen more Michael Moore than I care to, and I never find myself walking away from his films feeling educated or enlightened. I always feel cheated… by the film, not by the subject matter. Moore is a showman who doesn’t understand and cannot relate to the needs of every day Americans because he’s too busy trying to re-create the success that was Bowling for Columbine. It was bad enough then that he was a parasite feeding on the hype of a tragedy that could have been prevented by parents and school officials simply taking notice of two troubled boys.

He’s just looking for another issue to suck dry… and the sad part is, people are paying him for it.… [Read More]

Summer Projects

refinishedtable It all began with this table. It looked like crap. It had gouges in it, at one point, my son had written his name in the table… it had to either be scrapped or refinished. My husband and I agreed that we still loved the table, so refinishing was the option I went with. I completed summer project number 1 last week.
refinishedchair Of course, when I was done with that, the table didn’t match the chairs anymore, and the chairs had to be reupholstered and refinished to match the table.
primeddragon And when I got done with that, I was bored… so I started painting the largest miniature I have ever painted. I have the primer on, and just finished putting on the first coat of red last night. I’ll post pics of that later.
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A Music Lover’s Response to Rolling Stone.

On the 19th of this month, Rolling Stone released an article which discussed the decline of the recorded music business, and attempted to analyze it’s fall.

Much of this article makes complete sense and it is precisely what many music lovers have been saying since the RIAA filed its original lawsuit against Napster. Give us digital music. Do not tell us how we will listen to music that we pay for the right to listen to, we will decide that for ourselves, thanks. Do give us a better way to fill our lives with music at a price that makes sense.

Note what I said there: Pay for the right. Most people believe that when they pay for something, that means they own it. Now, obviously I don’t have the right to release tons of copies of James Blunt’s latest CD and make money off of them… but *I* do have the right to listen to the CD because I paid money for it!… [Read More]