Affirmative Action Goes Overboard.

And the supreme court tells it like it is.

I was not a fan of John Roberts early on, and I still don’t know how I feel about the man, but I love this quote from him today: “The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.”


It’s about time that some government entity recognized that there are affirmative action programs that discriminate against whites. This was never the intention of these programs, I know they were put in place to encourage racial diversity, but if it’s diversity you want, you have to let white people in too. The thing is, the schools and organizations that follow those guidelines for affirmative action need to keep in mind that it’s about encouraging diversity, and not about excluding any one.… [Read More]

Skater Punk Youth

Okay, so I wasn’t a skater punk, but my best friend when I was 14 was. He turned me on to the Cure and PIL, and later convinced me, rightly so, that Jane’s Addiction was cool, but we diverged when it came to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. He thought they were lame wannabes, and I thought they were original and cool. I lost track of him after I re-located. I’m sure he’s made a success of himself though and still smiles when he hears Jane’s Addiction’s “Been Caught Stealin'”

Yesterday, after I made my wake up playlist, I realized that my copies of Blood Sugar Sex Majik and Ritual de lo Habitual were long gone. They were on cassette and were either stolen by a room mate, or are riding around in my dad’s pick up truck several states away… so I went to the store to buy the cd’s, thinking I’d find used copies.… [Read More]

Wake Up!

Someone on digg posted a link to this list of supposedly adrenaline pumping music. I’m always on the lookout for new stuff, but that list simply didn’t do it for me. So as I was reading the comments, thinking about posting my own list on his article I realized… I have a blog and I have access to youtube… I can share my own list with the rest of you!

1. Rage Against the Machine: Wake Up.
The closing song to the first Matrix film. The guitar in this song just eases in and takes over as the bass pounds slowly, then picks up and carries you out of whatever dreamland you were in and gets you going for the day.
2. Nobody Knows+: Hero’s Come Back!
The opening theme for Naruto Shippuden. I know, it’s anime music but you have to give this a listen. This song just begs for you to dance to it, or at the very least tap your foot or bob your head.… [Read More]

Save Net Radio: The Day of Silence

I don’t think that people should get something for nothing, unless the net value of said item is, in fact, nothing. However, this is ridiculous and the RIAA should be slapped for this.

Tomorrow, the majority of major internet radio stations will be going offline to protest a rate increase that goes in effect on July 1st, which is retroactive to January 2006. This rate increase will destroy these small, blossoming businesses before they even have the chance to get off the ground.

The reality of this is, the RIAA wants to control how you receive your music and if it doesn’t meet with their known methods of control, they will find a Senator who will legislate that method out of business for them.

Do the right thing: Save Net Radio[Read More]