Why Family Court Sucks

This doesn’t just happen in the UK. This is a big problem in America too, with mothers taking advantage of court systems that assume that “Mother knows best.” These women use the court system and your tax dollars to take revenge on their ex-husbands by throwing their kids in the middle of an emotional disaster area that no child should ever have to grow up in.

Buy this man’s book. Read his story and read the article. Get educated and write to your senators asking for family law reform.… [Read More]

Hillary Loves Tony Soprano

I admit, I haven’t been following this story, but the headline just jumped out at me when I was checking out the google news homepage.

It reads: “Hillary Clinton: Vote For Me! I Like The Sopranos Too!”

I nearly fell over laughing because it does seem like she’s desperate enough to do anything as long as it will get her elected. So I read the article and finally a quote hit me that struck a chord so deep, I had to share it with all of you.

But, still, it’s good to see the way that Hillary Clinton has embraced the power of the internet to push her message across. That message seems to be ‘Although I’m too busy being a politician to know a lot about popular culture, I’m at least willing to pretend I do if it means you people will make me president.’

Thank you Stuart Heritage from Heckler Spray for putting a brilliant topper on an already wonderful day.… [Read More]


So I’ve had this weird idea that I might start doing a podcast this summer. Just for the visitors of my site, mind you. Nothing horribly fancy or anything like that. Probably also just a weekly podcast that would show up on Monday mornings…. I dunno. I thought it might be fun to experiment but I won’t bother if no one would download the thing.

So… even if you read my blog, but never comment or what have you, please take the time to vote in this poll and let me know if you’d be interested in a Random Gemini podcast. Content would be very similar to what you see on the blog, and might guest star my hubby, who used to be a DJ and is really good at this voice work stuff. It would also likely guest star my dog… who can’t help but bark at everything that moves.… [Read More]


The Naked Ipod!

I’ve given you a link to go to, because well… I’m too lazy to take pictures!

My family got me a pink ipod nano for my birthday and I love it! I love my ipod, I love itunes. Compared to what I’ve been struggling with for the last several years, itunes is a dream. I am so happy with itunes and with my ipod that I can’t express it. I can’t imagine how anyone would ever dream of switching to another player after owning an ipod.

This has very nearly convinced me that I should get a macbook when my laptop gives up the ghost. If it just plain works the way I expect it should, like itunes does, then what on earth is the point of having a PC? I had convinced myself that Vista was nice enough that I could live with it when my laptop blew, but now… after playing with itunes and my ipod… I’m not so sure that anything is quite this nice.… [Read More]

Reading and Other Updates

I updated my reading list today. I finished four manga this month, and three books. I’ve got several still sitting on my pile, but at least I can return the books that Dave loaned to me back in September.

Finals are over, I feel really confident that I did well, and I’m in the process of registering for fall quarter to begin my bachelors of arts. I’ve taken up wood working, because my kitchen table desperately needs to be refinished.

More later when I think of other things to talk about. I’m sure I’ll have a lot to talk about this summer.… [Read More]