There’s something wrong with this…

The Seattle Times: Nation & World: Saved from the pounds: first diet drug for dogs

When people are too stupid to read the directions on a bag of dog food and avoid feeding their dogs more than the prescribed amount on the back of the bag, we’ve got a problem, and it’s not because people are failing to exercise their dogs.

Yes, dogs do put on weight as they get older, but they will still stay within the 20% margin of weight gain that is mentioned in this article, as long as you don’t feed them more than they need. I think that’s the problem with the American public, nobody bothers to read the labels, and when they screw up or get hurt because of their own ignorance, they blame the manufacturer of the product for not telling them what they should and should not do with the product in the first place.… [Read More]

First Day of class…

…. and man I wish I’d studied over the break. She gave us a quiz in Japanese today. It took me a while to get back into the groove. Man it’s amazing how much you lose if you don’t practice. We’re learning katakana this quarter and in her words, “lots of kanji”. I love kanji, so that’s fine by me. The kanji we learned last quarter stayed in my brain way better than hiragana did, in spite of my work with flash cards.

My literature class was a lot like the first day of women writers with her asking us what literature was. I stayed pretty quiet because I wanted to hear what other people had to say this time around, but when she started asking us if Harlequin romance novels were literature, I had to raise my hand and say no. I am like the next girl, I like a good harlequin romance every once in a while, but because they are fun to read, not because I’m trying to stretch my boundaries with reading or because I want to get something out of them.… [Read More]

Microsoft Giving Away *nice* laptops.

Free Vista laptops backfire on bloggers News – PC Advisor

I wish they’d sent one to me! I could use a new laptop. Of course, I would have promptly formatted the hard drive and installed SuSE on it… but hey, who’s really going to buy Vista anyway?

With the built in DRM that doesn’t allow you to share mp3 files over your own LAN and other… various and sundry sneakiness built into Vista at the request of the RIAA and the MPAA, I have no interest in the OS because it takes computing power away from the consumer and puts it in the hands of the vendor.

Screw that.

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Spike has gone to his new home with a very nice man who loved him from the outset, and whom Spike loved in return. I spent most of yesterday just… missing the little guy. I was pretty torn up, but today things are better and I know that Spike is in a place where he is safe and happy and loved by others.

I wish that I could have made things work for us. I believe that I can make it work with two dogs in my house, but I think that I was unprepared for what that would entail. So… my husband came home last night and told me that a friend of ours is having to place a black lab, 7 months old due to a situation with where she works. I don’t know her exact job title, but she works with senior citizens and does home visits. So it’s not odd that she would come across something like this through the course of her job.… [Read More]

New Year’s Resolution

Given all of the weird dog related events in my life in the last month, I have decided that I need to make some resolutions for the coming new year. It has become apparent to me that my husband really wants a second dog in the house, in spite of the fact that our current dog is older and is experiencing some pain due to arthritis and chronic ear infections. So… this might end up being largely… dog related.

1. I will not bring home a pet without first discussing it with my family and further educating myself on the behaviors of said pet.
2. I will not compromise on the situation that will make me most comfortable with bringing a second pet into our home.
3. I will graduate with my associate’s degree in communications this year. (not hard)
4. I will write a novel and I will start writing in April.… [Read More]