Saddam is dead.

Telegraph | News | Saddam: the end

The article above describes the legal wrangling that led up to Saddam Hussein’s execution earlier today. It’s the end of an era for Iraq, one that I think the Iraqi people will be glad to put behind them, but my question to the Iraqis and to the world is this: Now that he’s gone, do you feel safer?

I don’t know that I do. It doesn’t mean that I don’t think justice was served. Saddam Hussein died for murdering 148 people, he was blamed for using experimental chemical weapons on his own population, he was a bad guy. I don’t know yet weather or not I agree with the death penalty, that’s a question I will continue to wrestle with, but regardless of all of that, Hussein took his punishment for his crime. I hope that justice will find its way to every Iraqi very soon as a result of this.… [Read More]

Dear God, more Cindy Sheehan?

Peace Mom aims to ramp up “peace surge” after arrest Thursday

I know I have had a lot of things to say about Cindy Sheehan that were simply not positive. If you feel like searching through my blog, you’ll see that many of my earlier posts, that have been pulled over from a previous blogging service, were about her.

At this point though, I just have a few more, short things to say. So, Ms. Sheehan, pay attention please because this might be the most important lecture of your life.

1. President Bush is never going to talk to you. Not now, or ever. You might receive an audience with another president, but that president’s last name will not be Bush. Your efforts at blocking traffic near his ranch in Texas when he’s trying to take a vacation do more to hinder your goals than help them because you’re making him that much more unwilling to speak to you.… [Read More]

Vacation Blues

So… I’ve spent the last three months looking forward to this vacation and I have to be honest with you.

I’m bored out of my mind.

Yes, I’ve been busy doing obedience work with Spike and playing with my lab. I’m also engaging in an operation that will hopefully find Spike another home within a relatively reasonable period of time. In the mean time, I’m rotating two dogs who do not like each other (one with good reason, the other one due to stupidity of previous owners) through the house off and on through the day and while this can be stressful at times, it’s mostly not all that exciting. It’s easy to keep them safe and separated as long as you have crates, which I do.

I have managed to accomplish a whole lot of laundry, some smelting of various candy related goods, and I cleaned, polished and weather proofed my leather today.… [Read More]

Densha Otoko

In my Japanese class this quarter, I was introduced to a Japanese television series called Densha Otoko, or Train Man. The story is sweet and wonderful. The main character is an Otaku. Otaku in Japan are loosely what we might think of as a geek, the primary difference between geeks and otaku is that otaku are more socially outcast than geeks are here in America, and they’re geeky to a level that is almost disturbing.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to finish watching Densha Otoko in class, so I got a copy of the series and finished watching the rest of it today as a way to celebrate the end of my quarter and the completion of finals.

They don’t make television shows like this in North America anymore. It’s a truly wonderful story, sweet, romantic and so purely innocent and beautiful that you find yourself falling in love with the characters.… [Read More]

James Kim

I haven’t been following the news much, but this story caught my eye when the Kim family went missing after Thanksgiving. I have been watching the news for snippets of information about them, hoping and praying that they would return to civilization whole, safe and sound.

Sadly, that was not to be. Though Kim’s wife and two daughters were found on Saturday and are recovering in solitude, James Kim perished in the southern Oregon wilderness while attempting to search for help for his family. My heart goes out to Kim’s family as they enter this holiday season without him.

Everyone please send your thoughts and prayers to the Kim family this holiday season. We may not be able to give James back to them, but at least we can share our love with them and let them know that even though he is gone, they are not alone.

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