Death of a Christmas Tree

After last year’s fiasco with the tree refusing to light, and my husband swearing followed by my swearing and then the both of us swearing at each other, it had finally become time to take out the Christmas tree. Only this would not be as simple as one might think. It’s a large tree that might scare the willies off your average passer by walking down the street. Still, we could no longer take the threats and the abuse, no matter how many blood sacrifices were donated to the Gods as an offering to save us from hell. It was time to hire the best to eliminate it.

Cigarettes: 4 (all consumed while standing on street corner waiting for hit man).
Caffeine Units: Loads.
Weight: 200 some odd pounds of pokey branches, spindly weirdness and dangerous electrical wires.

Last night, purchased new Christmas tree with s.o. Went to big box department store and enjoyed having time to look at ornaments and other tree trimmings while husband went to sign paper work for tree.… [Read More] “Death of a Christmas Tree”

Muslim Wants to Swear in on the Koran..

I say let him!

One of the wonderful things about this country is our freedom. Absolute freedom is the ability to make choices without being hindered by others in the process of choosing. Clearly, we do not have absolute freedom in our country today, but we pride ourselves on our freedom. It is the center of what makes this nation great. One of the cornerstones of our nation, and who we are as a nation, is our ability to accept other religions and integrate them into our culture.

At least, that’s what I believed until I read this article on USA Today and saw the following comment from Dennis Prager.

“He should not be allowed to do so,” Prager wrote, “not because of any American hostility to the Koran, but because the act undermines American culture.”

He said Ellison, a convert from Catholicism, should swear on a Christian Bible — which “America holds as its holiest book.

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Turkey Day Turkeys

Ya know, I do tend to be a centrist. I don’t normally like to bash politicians unless they are really, really stupid. Some times, you just need to make people understand that there’s a common sense issue to be considered when you place someone else in a position of power.

One would think that common sense would apply when the liberal media tells the democratic speaker-elect that she’s screwing up with her choices for committee appointments. One really would think this, but Nancy Pelosi has managed to prove me wrong on this account twice in the last two weeks. First, we had Jack Murtha, who didn’t get appointed, which made me very pleased. Now we have this issue with Alcee Hastings, who has removed from his position as a federal judge for taking, or conspiring to take, bribes. He was later cleared of criminal wrong-doing, but there is a lot of suspicion that surrounds this case that makes many people think that he lied and his counterpart lied during the trial.… [Read More] “Turkey Day Turkeys”

Thanksgiving Thanks

I like to write a post about what I am thankful for every Thanksgiving. This year, the list is a little weird… but here we go:

I’m thankful for my family because without their support, I don’t think I would be able to go as far as I am capable. Yes, even my kids fit in with this one. I’m glad I’m a parent, and I’m glad that I have the life that I have here with my husband and kids. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

I am thankful for my dog. Reilly is so tolerant of everything and this year, it finally occurred to me that he is getting old because the vet diagnosed him with arthritis. I wanted to cry when I heard the news. He has been there for me through some of the worst times of my life. Some of them, I wouldn’t have made it through in one piece without him quietly sitting at my side.… [Read More] “Thanksgiving Thanks”

We’ve been busy!

It’s been a busy few weeks for me. I got sucked into reading Plato’s Republic for my philosophy class and now I’m reading Descartes. Or at least… I’m ditching the reading of Descartes that I am supposed to be doing, in order to bring you this post!

The democrats won many seats in congress on November 7th. That was sad. Most disappointing for me is that Maria Cantwell won again, and no matter how hard I try I can’t seem to vote that woman out of office. Even though she is almost single handedly responsible for the increase that we are about to receive in our power bill that may drive several Washingtonians out of their current lifestyles due to their inability to be able to afford expensive wind-power, which power companies are now required by law to use here in our state. I mean… forget the fact that Washington doesn’t get all that much wind in areas where that power would be most useful… forget the fact that we already have hydro out the wahzoo.… [Read More] “We’ve been busy!”