Anime Night

It’s anime night again! Tonight’s features are as follows:

Macross 7
Ah My Goddess
Paranoia Agent
Death Note

And.. whatever other random things we decide to watch out of boredom.… [Read More]

New theme and etc.

In the process of doing some puttering around online, my husband decided that he hated my old theme. He talked me into a new one and has convinced me to start working on some more… serious content for the blog.

So… after much mucking about with banner graphics, javascript, php and… also some generalized hacking of the theme… here we are!

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Say what you will about Best Buy…

… I have my laptop back. I called them on Sunday and I got the part today, within their promised 3-6 days for part replacement and my laptop is running fine again!

I’ve asked my husband to install a surge protector in the kitchen counter, where I spend most of my time with my laptop, and I think this will solve all of my laptop woes for quite some time. Now I just have to make sure I take it in for a cleaning and get the battery replaced before the warranty runs out and this laptop might make it for another couple of years after that.

Even though this laptop is heavy and I would love an excuse to get a new one now, it does everything I need it to do. I don’t encode video with it anymore. I did try, but my laptop tends to sort of look at the process of encoding a dvd and promptly runs away screaming like a girl.… [Read More]

Laptop Blues… again.

I’m borrowing my husband’s laptop again. Normally I wouldn’t be doing this, I love my laptop but in the last three months I’ve managed to cook two ac adapters. I’m sure you’re thinking that I must be hard on my electronic equipment. My husband even accused me of it until he realized that there is no way that I could have blown two ac adapters back to back through sheer abuse of the cords, especially when the bricks, not the cables, are the cause of the adapter’s demise.

After doing some research I’ve determined that the cause of the ac adapter blow ups is directly related to two sudden power outages that we had while the adapters were plugged into the wall. The first of these happened when a construction company cut through a power line. My first ac adapter died the next day. We also had another power outage in the middle of the night one night while my laptop was plugged into the second ac adapter.… [Read More]


I’ve taken a break from the other games that I am playing right now to turn my attentions to Okami. Okami is a gorgeous platformer with an RPG feel to it that is just… loads of fun. The game is amazing because I’ve never played a video game in a watercolor world before, nor have I ever used ink as a weapon. The game play is great and this is a welcome break from Kingdom Hearts II. It’s a great game. Enjoy the YouTube video!… [Read More]