Japan and China Get Cozy on North Korea

All I can really say is, it’s about time. Shinzo Abe is not as colorful as Junichiro Koizumi, but he’s a down to business kind of guy. Less than a month in office and he’s already talking to the Chinese and making joint public statements about North Korea’s proposed nuclear missile test. He’s already making good on one of his campaign promises, which was to shore up relations with China and North Korea is providing him with the perfect opportunity to do so. Firstly, the UN doesn’t want North Korea to test nukes. Secondly, Japan and China really don’t want North Korea to test nukes either. Tensions in East Asia are high enough as it is and the US is willing to help when it comes to putting an end to North Korea’s nuclear ambitions. All in all, I’d say that this is a step in the right direction for the region politically and is likely the only way that enough pressure can be placed on North Korea to give up its desire for nuclear weapons.… [Read More]

I’m not dead!

No really I’m not. I’ve been incredibly busy since college started and this is the first day I’ve had to really blog anything. I’ll blog quite a bit today, but for now I would just like to point out that I’ve added a link that contains a list of my entire anime collection. I will also be adding a list of books that I’ve read since April 2002, which will get updated as I read new books. I don’t keep track of my CD collection, but if you want to know what I’m listening to just click here.

I’ve got loads of other news based on what’s been happening in the news, so stay tuned for a day of Gemini blogging!… [Read More]

A Note on Commenting…

Hi folks! I just wanted to welcome the new commenters this evening, hajimemashite!

Also I’d like to draw everyone’s attention to the sidebar and this article titled “Commenters Read This First!. Maybe it’s silly to post guidelines for commenting, but I did have one comment come in today that I had to delete because it was offensive. Let’s all be nice to each other and have a good time!… [Read More]

Hajimemashite… Antigone?

Hajimemashite! Watashi wa Random Gemini, anata wa? Doso yoroshiku!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, it has happened. The Random Gemini has finally started taking Japanese! This quarter we’re learning hiragana and some of the more basic kanji. Next quarter, it’s katakana and more kanji. So by the time I’m done with my degree, I’m hopeful that I will be able to read enough of a Japanese website to get the gist of the articles. That would be so neat!

What’s up with the high schools these days? I’m reading Antigone (again) in my Philosophy class. I read that when I was a sophmore! So here I am, reading Antigone… again and not really finding it that earth shattering a story. To be honest, I’ve read lots of stories about people fighting for what they think is right, even if it flouts a royal decree. Assuredly, these stories have their roots in Antigone, but as a result make Antigone seem… well… tedious.… [Read More]

Unaltered Star Wars Released: I’m out 60$…

Lucas finally issued a release of the original three, unaltered star wars movies to DVD. Likely it is fan/studio pressure that has caused this, regardless it’s time to let my hubby know that we have to put our money where our mouths are. We had planned to avoid purchasing the original three films until an unaltered version was released. Now I’m out the dough. *sigh*
I find it amusing that we’re closing on the end of the life cycle of the DVD format and Lucas is only now releasing the films. He did this with VHS as well, and we bought the boxed set on VHS. This was fine, until my adventurous son, who was only four at the time, dumped an entire glass of milk on the tapes.

Here’s the article on StarWars.com.[Read More]