Terrorism at Work.

This, ladies and gentlemen is why terrorism works.

For all those who say that it doesn’t work, note that the mere threat of terrorist plots has grounded several flights in the last two weeks.  Such as this one, where a passenger believed he saw a note that said there was a bomb on the flight, and this one, where two passengers who spoke Arabic had to be removed from the flight before the other passengers would board the plane.

This, friends, is why terrorism works. Its purpose is to scare you and intimidate you into changing your routine so that you will be so afraid of being the victim of a terrorist plot in your day to day life, that you start doing stupid things like saying, “Maybe we should live and let live.”

It’s working. It’s working, and we shouldn’t allow it to work. We should get on our flights and go on with our lives, because it is our way of life in the western world that offends these people.… [Read More]

Local Matters: Valley Springs Proposal

tsykoduk and those on the local blogosphere, if you could spread this around I would appreciate it.

Tomorrow, Wednesday August 23rd at 10:30 am, there will be a public hearing at the Spokane County Courthouse (1026 W. Broadway) on the lower level to discuss the extension of Columbia Drive to Valley Springs Road, which is a proposed arterial from Wellsley on the north side of Spokane, to Argonne in the Valley.

The problem with this, is that Columbia Drive was never designed to handle the estimated traffic increase of 4000 cars a day. As of right now it is a residential street that is home to many families with small children. Less than five minutes north of Columbia Drive is Bigelow Gulch, which the county already owns the rights to expand to a wider stretch of road, has a 45 mile an hour speed limit, and connects the Valley to the north side via Argonne and Francis directly.… [Read More]

Mitnick’s Site Hacked.

What I find amusing about this article, is how quickly the media forgets the truth of things. It’s irrelevant to me that Kevin Mitnick’s web site was hacked. What I do find interesting is this:

Mitnick’s name is synonymous with “notorious hacker” for many. He was caught by the FBI in 1995 after a well-publicised pursuit and spent five years behind bars for wire and computer fraud. Today he is a consultant, has written two books, and spends much of his time on the road at speaking engagements.

Mitnick didn’t just spend five years in prison. He spent four years in prison being held without bail, without a bail hearing and without trial. Four years. His case is an example of how hard our government and our society fights against the advancement of technology and against change. While Mitnick wasn’t some innocent young lad who was being framed, there is no excuse for the treatment he received while he was in jail, and there was no excuse for him to have to spend four years in jail waiting for bail to be set.… [Read More]

AIDS Vaccine is Working?

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Xinhua is reporting successful first trials of a vaccine for AIDS. Not only does it appear that it is safe, but it also appears to keep the vaccinated patients AIDS free.

I really hope this is for real, but it’s taken so long to research and develope a vaccine for AIDS because it mutates readily, so I wonder if this vaccine will work on the various mutations of the AIDS virus. It’s not so good for the people who already have AIDS, but maybe this is a step in the right direction toward a cure for AIDS.

That’s something I would really like to see.… [Read More]