I really don’t have much to say on this whole conflict between Israel and Lebanon other than I think that Israel had every right to start blowing the crap out of Hezbollah bases in Lebanon. I read an article several days ago, that Dave@Justus For All posted to his blog this morning, and it really sums up my perspective on the attacks, so here’s a link to it for those of you who haven’t read it.

It’s chock full of things to keep in mind as it pertains to this conflict.… [Read More]

Wierdness is: Politics

I’ve been desperately searching for things to blog about that aren’t politics.  The truth is, politics and world events, while interesting, are rather boring to talk about.  One person has his version of how things are supposed to work, and another person has theirs and that’s really it.  Changing minds when it comes to politics is difficult, especially if you’ve found anyone that’s got a measure of intelligence who has taken the time to think their ideas through. These are the people that make those discussions fun, but also after a while, wear you out with their persistence that they are right and you are wrong.

So, I’ve been searching for other topics, and I know they’ve been dull, so I’m going to dive into politics again, but for one day only.… [Read More]

Potato Chip Culture?

This is an interesting article about the future of culture in American society and the impact that current copyright law has on it.

The argument is that culture will become like a bag of potato chips. Something to be consumed, but not to be created. It’s an interesting argument, and I think that in some respects, the guy is right, but the trick that he’s missing is that first you have to have people that want to create things like music, movies and books that also want to give them away for free. Those people who do choose to do that, are doing so to gain exposure for themselves and the possibility of a contract.

The sad fact of our society is that sooner or later, it always comes down to money.… [Read More]

Ah lovely spam

Lately I seem to be getting more comment spam. I wonder if one of the search engines has finally indexed my blog and made it more visible to the spammers.

Just a re-cap for all of you spam loving fiends out there, your comments will never see the light of day past my inbox, if they show up in my inbox at all.

Not like this does much good, most of those things are automated, but I figured it was worth a shot.… [Read More]

Geek Squad, not so Geeky?

This guy’s obviously had some bad experiences with Best Buy’s Geek Squad. Maybe he didn’t shop at my best buy, I dunno. I’ve been happy with my experiences with the geek squad in the past, but I’m happy because they screwed things up, and then made it right.

I initially took my laptop in because it was crashing. I reported that the error that windows was displaying was a hard drive error, usually associated with a head crash on the primary drive. I told them I wanted them to verify that it was the hard drive, and if so, to replace it. They told me they had to send it out to a repair facility, so I was without my laptop for two weeks. When I got it back, same old problem. Turned out, all their repair facility did was steal my 200$ ram chip and reset the bios on the machine.… [Read More]