Minnesota Loses Gamer Legislation

Ars technica has the story.

This is just one of many suchs laws that have been struck down due to their lack of constitutionality and I don’t blame the ESA for fighting them. The truth of the matter is, parents must check the rating on the box when they purchase a game for their kids.

It’s time for parents to start parenting again, and to stop expecting Wal-mart to do it for them. Go shopping with your kids, read reviews on the popular video game websites. If you’re not sure where to start, google or wiki the phrase “video games” and see what comes up. There’s no excuse for not knowing what your kids are playing, and there’s no excuse for sending them off to go shopping by themselves without knowing what they are planning to bring home before you let them go.… [Read More]

iPod vs. Zune

This is an interesting article from a current iPod owner on why he will switch to a Zune when microsoft releases the device.

What I find most amusing about this, is that a lot of his complaints are a large portion of why I chose not to buy another Sony music player. SonicStage had all of the same problems that this guy complains about with iTunes. It was cumbersome, image heavy, took forever to convert things and periodically, for whatever random reason, chose to delete files from my music collection when I would burn them to minidisc. It was never a whole album either, and never all of the songs that I’d transferred onto one particular disc in one sitting, so I wouldn’t call it a user error. Also, when my hard drive went belly up, I had no way to get those songs back off of the minidisc and onto my hard drive again.… [Read More]

Dude, your dell just blew up!

This concerns me and I’m posting this here for the benefit of any of my readers who might own a Dell laptop. A dell laptop battery exploded at a conference in Japan a few months ago, and now this one exploded in an office building.

We all love our laptops, and as any good gadget geek will tell you, the laptop is the essence of life, however there is no excuse for letting the laptop take your life. I can’t advise you on what steps to take to resolve this, because Dell has not apparently announced a recall on their laptop batteries, but if you are a dell owner, you should check their website to find out if they have any information on this and see if your laptop is safe.… [Read More]


I received a zCover for my birthday. I’ve tested it out for a couple of weeks and I love this thing. There’s only one drawback for the zen micro zCover, it does not have a screen protector for the screen. Otherwise here’s the breakdown.

ZCovers are silicon covers for your portable devices. They make covers for apple laptop keyboards, standard keyboards, the psp, all of the iPods, the creative zen players, the older sony mp3 players and several of the more expensive cell phones, such as the blackberry and the treo. They have an optional belt clip on the back that is a trick to remove, which is a good thing because once you get that puppy on there, you are sure that it won’t be coming back off.

First thing’s first. The belt clip on this thing rocks. I have had a problem with belt clips in the past. For previous incarnations of protectors with a belt clip attachment, the clips have never been very secure.… [Read More]

The 95 Theses of Geek Activism

This is an interesting set of theses for geeks. A lot of the ideas set forth here are things I agree with and think that the average man doesn’t think about. I know, for example, that my mother argues and struggles with proprietary software for her mp3 player because of DRM but I’m certain she doesn’t know what DRM is and why she has to contend with it.

Even if you aren’t a geek, this list has a plethora of things that you need to know. Not that you should know, want to know or are in anyway remotely optional. Anyone who wants to have a right to not have a video camera in their bedroom twenty years down the road needs to know these things. Read on dear viewers.… [Read More]