Pit Bulls Kill Kid and Parents Had No Idea?

Read this article and then if you’ve ever owned a dog… feel free to say “bullsh**” aloud in response to the claim that the parents had no indication that their child was in danger.

Two pit bulls. One in heat, the other desperately trying to get at the one in heat. First mistake. The dogs should have been fixed.

The child had been bitten twice by the dogs earlier in the day. And this is not a big deal? Pit bulls have huge jaws and pack some serious power into a bite. They know this. Furthermore, bites are not warnings from dogs. Warnings are growls and changes in the position of their head, hackles and tail. Bites are declarations of war.

This is another example of poor dog ownership ending in someone’s death. These people were absolutely stupid and did not heed the danger signs that were being transmitted to them by their dogs.… [Read More]

Smart Wraps

My mom sent me a couple of these things called “Smart Wraps”. I have some headphones that I truly love, but they’ve caused me problems because of the extra long cable. Sometimes, the cable is great and sometimes it’s just in the way. I’ve also found that headphones with cords that are too short tend to tug on the headphone jack and loosen it in my electronic devices.

What is a gadget geek to do?

Get yourself some of these babies. They rock. You can adjust the length of the cord to what suits your purposes at the time. They hold the cable in place no matter what your movement. I’ve used it while doing weights, sitting in front of my laptop and while just walking around. The cord never gets tangled, is always the length I need it to be and best of all, doesn’t get damaged. On top of that, they’re inexpensive making it the perfect gadget geek accessory!… [Read More]

Lebanese Government is Stupid?

Okay, you know I realize that the Lebanese people are nice folks. They have been through a lot in the last twenty years and they keep coming back for more, demanding their freedom. We should be inspired by their story.

Even so, that doesn’t give their PM an excuse to beg for help when he’s allowing Hezbollah to remain in his country as they fire missiles on Israel. Does he think that Hezbollah will actually cease fire when the UN tells them to? Hezbollah is scarcely more than a terrorist organization itself, the only thing that gives it any legitimacy is the fact that the Lebanese allowed them to have a seat in their government.

No Mr. Prime Minister. You don’t deserve help. Not until you shut Hezbollah down. Then we’ll help you. Until then, you’re just part of the problem.… [Read More]

Why I didn’t jump on the iPod bandwagon.

Recently in an online chat channel, I made a confession that I own a creative zen micro. The reaction I got to this surprised me. “I can’t believe it. Isn’t each state only allowed to have one zen owner?”

The next morning the news articles started coming out with rumors of Microsoft’s “Zune” player and those articles put Apple’s share of the mp3 player market at 80% of all mp3 players owned. It made me think hard about why people wanted an iPod, and why I didn’t choose to get one.

The biggest reason is probably that I already owned a Sony PSP. The PSP is a supreme device for watching portable video on, with great sound and even better video. The video iPod did not tempt me with its small screen and sound quality that true audiophiles rate as being not bad, but not all that, even with high quality headphones.… [Read More]

Husband Charged for Getting out of the Way?

So… let me pose a hypothetical situation to you.

Your spouse has gone insane and is determined to run you over and drive the remainder of your family off a 300 foot cliff. The moral dilemma: do you get out of the way before she runs you down, or do you stand there and get hit by a minivan driven by a mad person who’s putting the pedal to the metal?

If it were me, I’d get the hell out of the way.

Victor Han is being charged with a bazillion things for doing just that, in just such a situation because he knew his wife was suicidal.

Since when is it illegal to step out of the way and avoid death by speeding minivan?… [Read More]