So.. today started out pretty bad. I had no clean clothes this morning except for my long, black skirt which I don’t really wear except for clothing emergencies. Then my daughter had a wardrobe malfunction this morning, so I just barely skated out the door in time for class. I got to class today and had time to go take my math test.Then I went to the cafe and got a latte, sat it down on the floor next to my backpack and the next thing I knew, it had exploded and my backpack is now stained with white chocolate mocha. So after that, I went off to hook up with a gal from my psych class so we could talk about our group presentation (due in just over a week) when…

“Please move 300 feet away from the building!” blared over a bullhorn next to our heads. So we walked away from the building, and then were told to head to our vehicles for our personal safety and to be on guard.… [Read More]

Shin Megami Tensei: DDS 1

I haven’t been blogging a lot. I’ve been spending far too many hours in front of the PS2 when I’m not studying because I’d finally gotten so close to the end of SMT: Digital Devil Saga 1 about two weeks ago… that I figured I might as well finish the thing.

Go ahead, laugh.

First of all, this is the first time I’ve *ever* played a megaten title. While visually pretty, and a lot of fun, I’ve played far prettier RPG’s. It’s hard to beat the Final Fantasy games when it comes to visuals so gorgeous that they bring tears to your eyes. Also, at that time, I’d logged about 50 hours of gameplay. This is an impressive number for a single disc of any RPG title on the PS2. It only took me 40 hours to beat Kingdom Hearts, and the .hack series doesn’t count because it’s four games inside one long story, and the first Xenosaga was about 50 hours of gameplay.… [Read More]

10th planet… say what?

What 10th planet? Last time I checked, Pluto isn’t even technically a planet. It’s what astronomers call a “Kuiper Belt Object”. It’s not big enough to be ranked as a planet, nor does it orbit on the same plane as the rest of the planets in our solar system.

I know I’ve said this before in conversation, and perhaps even on this blog, but it was nice to see that I’m not the only one who thinks this way.

Even worse, is when you think about the implications of naming celestial bodies after television shows, especially really bad ones like “Xena: Warrior Princess”. If you aren’t sucked into the hype of the show and the hotness of Lucy Lawless or her on screen partner, then you realize that the name alone is an exercise in high quality cheese. One would think that modern day astronomers would be above such things when it comes to the naming planets… let alone Kuiper Belt Objects.… [Read More]


So… the painting is done! It looks great and now I just have to wait a couple hours to pull the paint tape off the walls! Now on to upholstery fabrics so I can recover the dining room chairs with a fabric that is… ten times more durable… and it would be cool if I could make a table runner for the table out of the same fabric. I’ve never really been much of a sewer, but a table runner should be pretty easy to do. Wish me luck!… [Read More]

Perfect my foot.

It’s a sad thing that’s happened in Tennesee. In spite of this though, I can’t get over how many people are saying things like “this was a perfect family” and “they had a strong, solid Christian marriage”.

How the heck do they know?

He was a minister. Everyone thinks that their minister’s family is perfect and that his marriage is a good Christian union. If what I’m reading in these articles about these people is even remotely true, I suspect this “kind Christian soul” was beating the crap out of his wife, if not his daughters as well. I have a feeling that this shooting was the result of that abuse.

How is domestic violence “perfect”?

What utter crap.… [Read More]