Dining Room Play by Play

So here it is, officially day two of my spring break.. and how am I spending it? Fixing the icky drywall that was revealed during the wallpaper removal process yesterday. I ran out to my local home improvement store and went to talk to someone about the supplies I needed and there was no one over there to help me. Thankfully a nice man, who did not work at the store, stopped and answered my questions. He helped me get everything I needed and even led me to a wood filler that I could use to repair the gouges in the baseboards, without having to repaint them. Then it was on to paint chips.

I think my husband was confused when I said “yellow” as I was talking to him about the paint. I’m positive he was thinking sunshine and the centers of daisies when I said it, but that’s really not what I was thinking at all.… [Read More]

Wallpaper Blues

The previous owner of our house had a thing for the early 90’s fad of country blue and mauve with flowers, teddy bears and rag dolls scattered all over the place. I won’t even talk about how tacky my half-bath is, but the wallpaper in the dining room was tolerable because it was white with little blue and pink flowers on it… but it’s showing its age in the worst way. The dining room is one of the few rooms in our house that is very close to being finished in terms of interior decorating, it just needs a few touches here and there… and one of those is to take down that wallpaper and paint.

I started the project yesterday with just a little corner behind my fish tank. I suspect I will be done with the wallpaper removal process in about an hour, and unfortunately, that won’t be the hard part.… [Read More]


For those who have been following my saga with math… I took the final today and after failing math 99 last quarter, this quarter I passed it with a 3.0! Hooray! President’s Honor Roll! w00t! As of this moment, I have a 4.0 in sociology, a 3.9 in english 201 and the 3.0 in math.

I can’t possibly cheer enough, and you have no idea how glad I am to finally be rid of that darned math book!… [Read More]

I call bull****!

Since Sony’s press conference yesterday with regard to the PS3, every major news network on the planet has been reporting a delay in the release. The problem with this is, there is a delay, but not for the North American market. Sony never promised the North American release of the PS3 before November of this year. Not once, ever. I dare you to find an article to prove it.

Sony had announced that the PS3 would be ready for Japan “some time in late spring of 2006 with a worldwide release following it some time in the late fall.” If those aren’t the exact words of their statement, they are incredibly close. We weren’t going to see it before Christmas anyway.

Just had to share.… [Read More]

I hate it when other people are right.

So… a while back, I was stressing out about a paper I was writing and Dave@JustusForAll pointed out that the best time to write a paper is the day before it’s due, all in one sitting.

For my last paper of English 201, I ended up having to do just that.

Much to my chagrin, and to Dave’s credit… it is the only paper that I have gotten a 4.0 on this quarter without a revision.

I have posted copies of the paper at my website. It’s actually two papers with opposing views on drilling in ANWR. If you’re interested in reading them, there are links below.

Choosing Cherry Garcia
Being Green in ANWR[Read More]