Essential Software?

Admittedly, I found this list via digg. Digg is a geek site, with geek news, however.. if one is to make up a list of 100 essential pieces of software it really should be a universal sort of list. Also, if it’s essential, how many cdrippers does one pc really need? How many media players and how many photo editors?

I disagree with this list of so-called essentials based on one simple fact. These list is not filled with “essentials”. When something is called an essential item, it is a must-have, bare minimum standard. Having recently purchased a new hard drive for my laptop, I have only installed software on this machine that I use every single day and 90% of that software is freeware.

I suppose, perhaps, that they were trying to get to 100 items on their list, and also not leave anyone out of the game, but I am not adverse to the idea of offending people so if one were to revise this list, it would only have at most 25 items on it..… [Read More]


Yesterday, I had all of my homework done, so I went out with Angel and wandered about town with her. On the way to drop her off, we picked up my son and introduced him to “My Chemical Romance” a punk-ish band that’s been tearing up the music scene for the last year.

Knowing that my son really likes Green Day, I figured it was a good idea to go out and dig up some more bands for him to listen to. I’ve only recently learned that my son has musical tastes similar to my own. For anyone who has never ridden in my car, you should know that my musical tastes range far and wide and lean toward the obscure. I love anything that could even be remotely construed as rock, yes that includes some pop music. I’m still a huge fan of U2 and have been for as long as I can recall listening to music.… [Read More]

I am… insane.

So… I had to drop Math for liberal arts majors and re-take math 99 this quarter. My instructor for last quarter suggested I take his class again because he had some ideas to help me get past my test anxiety. One problem. His class schedule conflicts with everything else I am taking. So I went looking for another math 99 class. Everything is full except for.. *drum roll*

The Telecourse!

I called the registration desk and they explained the situation to me, and I explained my situation to them and they said “Sign up for the telecourse. It’s the best we can offer for you right now.” So I’m taking math as a telecourse, but somehow, I’ve got a good feeling about it. It’s not like I haven’t seen the material before.

Update: Even though everyone offered such kind words of support, after spending a significant amount of time staring at the syllabus for the telecourse, I decided that I was digging myself another mathematical hole, so today I went to talk to the counselling department, and my math instructor for last quarter.… [Read More]

Driver Proves Speed Trap Cams Can Lie.

Every once in a while, it’s important to get back to basic blogging. This under-reported piece comes to us from the UK (via digg).

A father of two, and an engineer was issued an automated traffic ticket by a speed trap camera. The man managed to prove in court that the camera lied. The prosecution decided to drop his case due to “lack of evidence”. But that was not enough for this man. He wants the verdict in his case to read dropped due to bad science!

Check it out. I hope this man gets his way because he, and every other person who has wrongfully received a traffic ticket from one of these faulty cameras deserves it!… [Read More]

Why DVD’s Suck?

Allrighty then… (via digg)

So let’s get past the bad spelling and grammar in this article and get to the nuts and bolts of this guy’s complaint.

The argument is simple. You paid 20$ for a DVD, you should get to watch the content ad-free since you paid to purchase the DVD.

The price of manufacturing a DVD itself has come down. My estimate based on how much it costs me to produce an actual DVD at home, is somewhere around 1.50$ per disc. This is just for the disc itself. This doesn’t include the intellectual content or any of that other stuff, but even then, if you break all that out, the MPAA still makes a ton of money off a DVD sale. Just like the RIAA makes a ton of money off a CD sale. So what’s the deal? Why the ads?

It’s simple.

The MPAA is interested in making more money.… [Read More]