Just Grid It

Back in the day, I had one of those day planners. I kept everything in it. Business cards, coupons, appointments, you name it. Honestly, it didn’t work all that great because it didn’t bitch at me enough. I still never got to my appointments on time. I felt horrible because I was perpetually late to everything. The analog life was not for me. I didn’t find an organizer and life planner that really worked for me until I got my first cell phone with a calendar feature and now that I have an iPhone with Reminders, I get a lot more done than I ever did without it.

Organization isn’t just about keeping track of appointments and that’s something that you’ll become aware of when your kids get older and you’re realizing that you probably won’t stay in the house you raised them in because it’s just too big for you and your spouse to live in alone.… [Read More]

Dog Cancer, Jazz and I Have a Gesture For You.

Four months ago, Jazzmin was diagnosed with lymphoma.

Four months ago, we made the decision not to proceed with chemotherapy and decided to do steroids instead, figuring her odds of having good quality of life were better with steroids instead of chemo.

Every day after this, is a gift from God and a big fat middle finger aimed in the direction of Cancer. Jazz has had a wonderful life here with us and has been so loved throughout her life that we know she just wants to spend a little bit longer to give that love back to us. So, we’re going to treat every single one of these remaining days with her like the gift that they are.

As for today, I plan to take Jazzmin for her usual .4 mile walk. She will get a game of fetch with my daughter when she gets home and she will have many cookies and cheeses to beg for and, if the weather continues to look as beautiful as it does right now, we’ll go for a ride in my car and I’ll open the sun roof for her so her ears can flap in the breeze, one of her favorite things.… [Read More]

Demystifying the CGC

The AKC has a test that it offers that any dog, be they purebred, mixed breed or unidentifiable, can take. It’s called the CGC, or Canine Good Citizen test. Its sole purpose is to serve as proof to you and other dog owners that you have been through a training class with your dog and that your dog is well-behaved in public. A lot of dog owners seem to think this test is very hard. It’s really not! It’s not intended to be difficult. Your dog is still going to be a dog, whether you take this test or not. I highly recommend taking a class before taking this test and I also highly recommend that, even if you think your dog won’t pass, you take this test anyway. Doing the class that prepares you for the CGC in the environment where you’ll be taking the test is the best way to set your dog up for success.… [Read More]

Random Gemini’s Definitive iPad App List

I get asked a lot of questions about iPad apps. The most common one being, “What apps should I buy?” The answer is, “It depends on what you do.”

Since I’m not you, I can’t tell you which apps you will need to make your life with iPad a happy, excellent and most wonderful place filled with sunshine, daisies and superlative enlightenment. What I can do though, is share with you the apps that make my life better. I’m a writerly type, I take lots of photos and spend a lot of time fiddling around on social networks. I’m also a mother of two teenagers and three dogs. My life can get quite hectic at times. There are days when I look at my iPad and want to kiss it because it made dinner easier to put together, or it minimized the amount of hassle I had to go through to exchange information on when appointments were with my husband and the kids.… [Read More]

Internet Stuff

I met someone on the Internet years ago. We were friends, as much as two people can be who have never met each other face to face. I think that we probably shared the most honest relationship I have ever formed with someone over a computer. He was a great friend and helped me through a lot of really emotional stuff that I wasn’t equipped to deal with alone and when you relocate across the country away from your support system, no matter how many friends you make, you’re dealing with a lot of shit alone. The best part about it was that he didn’t judge me, he just let me rage, vent cry and scream (as loudly as one can on IRC) and when I was finished, we’d talk about his day and his life and how things were going for him, he would rage, vent or cry if he needed to and then we’d go role play for a while.… [Read More]