The Real News of 2005

Everyone is doing their year end round-ups right now.

I’ve decided that since every other news site and blog on the planet is giving you the round up of the same old stories, I’m going to give you a round up of the coolest stories of 2005. Mine! *chuckle*

The nominees for coolest story of the year are: *insert drum roll here*

January: Do Not Eat
It doesn’t get much more cool than realizing that there have to be people on this Earth that are far less intelligent than you are.

February: Hunter S. Thompson Passes.
This story ranks as cool because Hunter S. Thompson’s funeral involved cannon fire and some other weirdness. Besides, how could Hunter S. Thompson do anything that was less than cool, even in death?

March: Gates Gets Knighted, Sort of…
This story is cool because all the other news going on in the month of March was lame and boring.… [Read More]

Madly in Love With My Naked Zen!

The Naked Zen, as it is coming to be called around my house, has been loaded up with some music. Most of it is stuff I’ve been meaning to listen to, but hadn’t gotten around to listening to. On that list are the following bands: My Chemical Romance, Harvey Danger, Howie Day, James Blunt and Ryan Cabrera.

Just a brief review here, Harvey Danger is really interesting and unique. I referenced them on my blog a while back. They are the band that released their album, “Little by Little” via BitTorrent, as an experiment. They are heavily influenced by several 60’s greats.. and their lead vocalist sounds, at times, like Ozzy Osbourne. Now, on the surface this seems like a bad combination, but it’s actually very cool. I’m enjoying them. As soon as I finish the album, I’ll have to pick it up from them. Howie Day, known for “Collide”, has a good mix of tunes on the album, “Stop All The World”.… [Read More]

Bragging Rights

So… my husband got me a Creative Zen Micro for Christmas. It’s the 6 gig model.

It makes my minidisc player sound like crap. The sound quality, even across the same wireless transmitter I used for my MD player… is superb. The player is cute.

Unfortunately.. when I received it, it was rather naked.

Luckily, my husband and mother conspired to put together some wonderful new outfits for my zen micro. Hand crocheted by Mom.

This outfit gives the zen a sleek, classic look that will never go out of style and is perfect for nearly every occassion.

This designer gown really has it all. Silver, sparkles and an elegant look that is timeless and perfect for any formal occassion.

This little number goes great with jeans and is perfect for those fun evenings out on the town with the girls, or for a cool fall day at the park with someone special.… [Read More]

Another Reason to Get Upset at Big Music

So.. I bought this CD nearly a week ago. I do not own a bonafide cd player, except in my car. When I listen to CD’s I either listen to them in my car or on my PC.

This particular CD, Phantom Planet’s self-titled album, would not play on my PC, and my laptop isn’t a slouch in terms of computer equipment. I’m running all the latest bits and baubles. My husband is an upgrade fanatic, so whatever I don’t upgrade, he does when he’s allowed to drive.

This CD launches a little application called “CD Extra” that gives you a list of options. When you click on “Play CD” it launches Windows Media Player, which promptly does nothing. I tried to see if there was a way to get this application to launch another cd player program like RealPlayer or VLC media player, no go. So I tried to launch the CD through RealPlayer and VLC… no go.… [Read More]