Xbox 360 Is Not All That

At least, not in Japan. We knew the Xbox 360 wasn’t selling in Japan. What’s worse is that the PS2 and the Gamecube are outselling it. None of the games for the Xbox 360 have even made the top ten holiday sales for Japan. The Xbox 360 is doing so poorly in Japan that I have to wonder if Microsoft should have bothered to make a showing in Japan at all.

Sure, the Japanese market is huge, but it is also Sony’s playground. Coming to market in Japan with only 9 games available for your system is tantamount to professional suicide when there are literally thousands of titles available for the PS2 and the gamecube over there. Developers in Japan nearly flood the market with titles to see what sells well there, then they ship what actually makes money to the US. That’s how they test market for North America, because if it will sell like wildfire in Japan, it will sell like wildfire everywhere.… [Read More] “Xbox 360 Is Not All That”

Battle Over Who Sets the Price Begins

And an interesting one it may well be. New York’s Attourney General has ordered Warner Music and Sony BMG to deliver information regarding a case that he is putting together related to setting the price on digital music.

It’s reported on several sites that this case has been brought about with iTunes and other smaller businesses voicing their discontent with the corporations for pricing some songs at a higher rate than others at the wholesale level, and offering very little room for profit for the music vendors. In some cases, the profit margin is as small as eleven cents per mp3 of that particular song sold.

Steve Jobs has said, “We’re trying to compete with piracy. If the price goes up a lot, they’ll go back to piracy and everybody loses.”

Maybe the recording industry should listen to Mr. Jobs. I mean, the man did build a multi-billion dollar corporation out of his garage.… [Read More] “Battle Over Who Sets the Price Begins”

California Video Game Law Struck Down

Wow… I thought this one would stick. I really did.

In a way, I’m glad it didn’t. The truth of the matter is, I am a very firm believer in parental involvement when it comes to video gaming. I gave a speech on the subject at the end of fall quarter, and it was received warmly by my classmates and has been used as a reference for them to help them talk to their parents about ways to guide video game purchases for their younger siblings.

I’m glad I could help.

It boils down to a very simple premise. The ESRB exists to inform consumers about the content in a video game. It does this by using a very well-thought out rating system that is designed to assist parents in making good choices when it comes to buying a video game for their kids.

The problem is, many parents that buy these games don’t play them.… [Read More] “California Video Game Law Struck Down”

The Magic of Christmas

So.. I’m sitting here waiting for my daughter’s clothes to dry so I can finish up my last minute shopping. The shopping in question is largely for my husband. Sometimes, he really cracks me up with his attitude toward the holidays, and it’s one of the things I love about him most.

Every year, he tells me not to get him anything. This drives me… insane. He knows it too. The thing is, he really doesn’t spend time focusing on the things he wants, so he has no idea what to ask for. He spends most of his time thinking about other gifts for other people. He’s so thoughtful in those presents, that sometimes he spends more money than he should on us, and very little on himself. Sadly enough, because I tend to be very self-centered, this is a trait I’ve only realized about him in the last couple of years.… [Read More] “The Magic of Christmas”

France and p2p

Dear Lord.

Soon it looks like America will be one of a small number of western nations that makes it illegal to download copyrighted content via p2p technology. Even France is saying it’s okay.

Of course, the okay to download, doesn’t make it okay to upload the material in the first place. So… copyrighted content spreaders.. beware.… [Read More] “France and p2p”