Ah My Goddess 1&2

I first heard of this series some time ago. Some company has the license for the OVA/Movie for this series and titled it “Oh My Goddess!” I’ve seen that floating around on the shelves before, but never took an interest because the packaging for the OVA box is less than spectacular and reveals little to nothing about the content on the DVD. Then I found a fansub of the tv series available online. I downloaded it and watched the first eight episodes.

Ah My Goddess is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a light, funny and warm-hearted story that was a change from the dark and ominous anime that will be reviewed later this week. It fits that bill perfectly, but in addition that, it’s got some clever gags and grown up humor that most comedy anime simply doesn’t live up to.

The Story: Morisato Keiichi is having a hard time of it.… [Read More]

Talk about your hiatus

So.. I’ve taken a hiatus from serious blogging for a while. I’ve blogged about personal events because that’s simply been my focus for the last three months. While I’m in school, everything shuts down. My interests in anime has taken a back seat. I’m so far behind on “Bleach” and “Monster”, that the shows might actually get licensed before I finish watching them.. which I’m okay with, but is pathetic given my usual watching habits. I’m so far behind on “Black Cat” and “Solty Rei” that they did get licensed before I could get much past the first episode. I’m looking forward to the DVD releases of those series and hope deeply that Funimation doesn’t botch the encoding process, or put those series on flimsy dvd’s as they did with “Fruits Basket” and “Samurai 7”.

My music fascination has continued to focus around the hyper-gorgeous and ridiculous teenage girl fantasy boy, Gackt.… [Read More]

Wierdness is…

.. having to explain what menstruation is to an 11 year old, who thinks that all things pink and fluffy are the order of the day. My daughter really is the least serious child I’ve ever encountered. In some ways, I’m sure this is a good thing, but in others I’m really concerned for her future well-being.

When I have conversations with my mother about those things, she just smiles and says “You spend the entire time you have with them worrying about things like that, and then when they grow up and move out, you keep worrying about things like that.”

So what it boils down to is that there are no fast and simple answers when it comes to the concerns of a parent, but the conversation with my daughter did bring something to light.

My son, at age 12, who has a girlfriend and doesn’t know what the word “promiscuous” means… informed his sister some time ago that “having your period” means that you have a urinary tract infection.… [Read More]

My Deal with iTunes, Rhapsody and SonyConnect

These guys think they have a good idea.

I disagree.

The problem for me is actually the entire online subscription service business model. I am not a CD slut. I don’t own a wall full of music, just a handful of carefully chosen tunes (many of which are simply not in English). Subscribing to a service to be able to download music is silly when I have only ever bought maybe a max of four CDs per year. I don’t want to pay 10-20$ a month for a service I will only rarely use. I’d rather pay 20$ a year for the one or two CDs I will buy and get it over with. The digial peddlers don’t have me in mind yet. I’m unconcerned, when they do then I’ll do business with them. Until then, paying any amount of money for music that isn’t on a physical disc isn’t worth it to me, but when I am buying digital music, I don’t see much point in paying more than a buck a song.… [Read More]

Dude… He’s a f***in’ Serial Killer.

It’s time to accept the fact that society created a monster who killed someone you loved more than a decade ago, and let his family have the darned money from his house. It’s bad enough that they have to live with the social stigma of being related to one of society’s greatest banes. Money isn’t going to give you your loved one back, and you have no right to have a serial killer improve your quality of life.

He’s a SERIAL KILLER! He killed people for FUN! Do you think that he was so successful in society that he had any assets worthy of being sold off to give you cash? Maybe a pair of furlined hand-cuffs, and I’m sure his butcher knife was top notch, but other than that… I sincerely doubt that he had anything worthy of a court order to stop the sale of.

I just love the sue or be sued mentality that’s grown in our nation.… [Read More]