Late to Math

On purpose, no less. My stress over my math class has gotten so high that I yelled at my entire family between last night and this morning. I’m trying to convince myself to go to class over a bowl of frosted miniwheats and a can of diet dew, even though I am already 20 minutes late.

The math class just drives me insane. I am working my butt off for this class. I do homework every night until I am forced to take my contacts out and go to bed due to the eye-strain. I can’t take an hour out of my evening to make sure that my kids get their homework done, and I won’t bore you with how this is affecting my relationship with my husband. (Feel free to ask my husband if this is an exaggeration, he’ll tell you that it’s not.) Suffice it to say that other than Friday nights where I make a hole in my schedule for math, and Saturdays when one of the Dave’s runs their game… I have no life outside of math.… [Read More] “Late to Math”

Toshiba’s Dirty Pool

Man is it a doozie.

Toshiba has made the rather risky decision to license their HD DVD technology to Chinese manufacturers. As anyone who owns a DVD player that cost less than 100$ is aware, the Chinese are getting good at cranking out cheap home video equipment in quantities so massive that it drives prices downward for the whole market.

The reason why this is such a risky move for Toshiba is that Toshiba is dropping exclusivity on the HD DVD product line before it’s even hit the shelves. This could mean a hit to Toshiba’s bottom line, and the bottom line of other electronics makers outside of China. Toshiba is operating under the hope that this maneuver of theirs could potentially win consumer markets to the HD DVD format, forcing the studios to come play ball with Toshiba once more. Toshiba’s goal now is to get HD DVD players into every Wal-mart in America and sell them for less money than a PS3 will cost.… [Read More] “Toshiba’s Dirty Pool”

Idiocy Abounds

Normally, I don’t like to get in the middle of flame wars, but this one is funny.

Florida lawyer, Jack Thompson, who has been told to stop name dropping by the NIMF, and has filed a wrongful death suit against Rockstar Games saying that GTA: Vice City is a “murder simulator” has gotten into it with many folks in and about the gaming industry.

His latest target, of all things, is Penny Arcade. Thompson has decided to take issue with the fact that Penny Arcade is irked at him and disagrees with his point of view on life, the universe and everything. So Thompson faxed the Seattle PD and told them to arrest the guys that run Penny Arcade. Oddly… somehow… a copy of the fax ended up in Penny Arcade’s posession…

I have two things to say about this. 1. Jack Thompson’s a twit. 2. Go buy this shirt.[Read More] “Idiocy Abounds”

Your Pillow is Not Safe

This is just especially for our friend, Beaker who is known to all of us to be allergic to just about everything imaginable. It was once rumored that he was allergic to being outdoors.

Each pillow was found to contain a substantial fungal load, with four to 16 different species being identified per sample and even higher numbers found in synthetic pillows. The microscopic fungus Aspergillus fumigatus was particularly evident in synthetic pillows, and fungi as diverse as bread and vine moulds and those usually found on damp walls and in showers were also found.

This has convinced me that all of the pillows in my house will be thrown out today, and every year, once a year from here on out.

via /.[Read More] “Your Pillow is Not Safe”

Bacteria Killing Pencils!

COOL! Wouldn’t it be neat if you could loan someone your hankie.. and then point a pencil at it and know that it’s safe for you to touch it before you take it back?

Even cooler.. how about those countertops in your kitchen? You’ve seen the Clorox commercials that show how much bacteria those “other” cleaners leave behind. If you had one of these, who needs clorox! … [Read More] “Bacteria Killing Pencils!”