More on Roberts

I am surprised, pleasantly so, but still surprised.

Patty Murray voted in favor of confirming John Roberts as chief Justice of SCOTUS. This is contrary to what most of us would think of her, but I believe this statement says it all:

“I have concluded that Judge Roberts is a decent person with keen intellect and high ethical standards. I believe he does know the difference between the role of advocacy, which he has held in the past, and the role of judge. I think he has the capacity to be fair, and I think he aims to serve all of the American people.”

This statement gives me hope that the democrats will get back in touch with the country and start taking on issues that are more center of left, than left of left. However, I must admit that the amount of hope I have in that idea is infinitesimal compared to the amount of hope I have that Roberts was the right choice.… [Read More]


(Note of reference: Glenn@Instapundit has the Insta-Daughter. I have the Libra Daughter.)

The Libra Daughter has acquired her first musical instrument. It’s a cello. The cello is as big as she is, and she’s incredibly excited about it. Today is her first day at Strings and she can’t wait for the time to come when she gets to go to strings.

I just hope that no damage comes to her or her instrument in this process.

A cellist.. and a saxophonist/clarinetist. Not a singer to be had between them. It’s sad in a way. My whole family is filled with musical talent, and I am the only singer out of the whole bunch. My dad plays clarinet and organ. My mother plays sax and violin. My aunt plays the flute. My brother plays trombone, my cousins were all in band..

My kids get the music thing honest, but… it’s really hard to listen to the Libra Daughter sing in the car.… [Read More]

No Surprise to This Blogger.

In a study performed in the UK, 70% of hairdressers, taxi drivers and pub landlords had no idea what Blogging was.

I own a shirt that says “I’m blogging this.”

Every time I wear it, someone stops to ask me what “blogging” means.

Most people don’t know what blogging is. I had no idea until Justus pointed it out to me right before I started my blog. The blogosphere has not pervaded our society as much as bloggers might tend to believe.

Sort of like… someone who doesn’t watch anime at all, probably has no clue who Wolfwood is, or why we love him so much. But.. an anime fan would recognize his cross from a mile away.… [Read More]

So much agenda, so little time.

Ah.. lovely Washington. State of my legal residency and place where I am raising my kids. Home to some of the most idiotic Senators on the face of the planet.

Yes folks, Maria Cantwell has bothered to speak, and the more she opens her mouth, the more she makes herself sound like an idiot. I’m no fan of Roberts, as I’ve said before, but to base your decision on whether or not to confirm someone to the supreme court based on their politics, rather than their understanding of law is just… sheer stupidity.… [Read More]

A Note on Categories.

So.. I have all these categories, and I’ve never bothered to tell anyone what they are for, so.. here goes:

Administrator’s Notes: This category will contain any site announcements regarding upgrades, changes or scheduled down time should I become aware of any such events, or be responsible for them.

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Oooh Shiny!: This one should be obvious, but if it’s not.. I am a gadget nut. News about technology, gadgets and things that just scream “Sparkly!” go here. I am a gemini after all, and we are required to get distracted by all things pretty and glowing.

Rants: Not so pretty and glowing. The rants are about things that irk me, annoy me and generally tick me off.… [Read More]