• Ding Dong Zarqawi’s Dead?

    Some rather exciting news has come out of Iraq. I’m not one to wish ill on people, but after hearing third hand horror stories of Zarqawi’s antics in Iraq, (this from a friend of a friend who recently returned from combat), this is good news.

  • Public Speaking and Factoring Quadratic Equations

    After watching my knees shake as I spoke in front of 100+ interviewers on a calling floor some 9 years ago, my husband suggested strongly that I take speech 101 before leaving the community college. He said it would help me overcome my public speaking stress. So.. I took the...

  • Evolutionary Debate

    Again we’re arguing over whether evolution should be taught in schools along side Intelligent Design theory… *which is the theory that digestive systems are not explained with Evolutionary theory, so they must have been designed by an intelligent being* (thanks for the correction Dave, though it doesn’t really change my...

  • My Political Viewpoint?

    This probably comes as a bit of a surprise to most… <td align=center> You are a Social Liberal (66% permissive) and an… Economic Moderate (50% permissive) You are best described as a: Centrist Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid

  • Warren Beatty vs. Arnie?

    Now… anyone who’s bothered to see this, and has failed to laugh needs a swift kick in the backside and a quick trip to a therapist to get their sense of humor checked. Warren Beatty: former object of Madonna’s affections (apparently he never returned them), star, producer and director of–...