Public Speaking and Factoring Quadratic Equations

After watching my knees shake as I spoke in front of 100+ interviewers on a calling floor some 9 years ago, my husband suggested strongly that I take speech 101 before leaving the community college. He said it would help me overcome my public speaking stress.

So.. I took the class and gave my first speech today. I was very happy to hear the results. The instructor said, “Wow.. you read, write, study English or something. You were *very* concious of structure and your coverage of the material was very clean. I’d just like you to slow down a little bit.”

After class, I was told that all this writing and outlining and crap for speech 101 was probably beyond me, but that she really felt that she could help me slow down and become more relaxed in front of a large group.

It felt good to know that I just had a single, small flaw.… [Read More]

Evolutionary Debate

Again we’re arguing over whether evolution should be taught in schools along side Intelligent Design theory… *which is the theory that digestive systems are not explained with Evolutionary theory, so they must have been designed by an intelligent being* (thanks for the correction Dave, though it doesn’t really change my point at all, this is further outlined in the comments.)

Look… Intelligent Design, while a nice idea, in our day and age simply isn’t a feasible idea in my opinion. I’m a Christian, though by no means have I ever been devout, and yet, I don’t find evolution theory to be in conflict with my beliefs– largely because scientists have been unable to prove what the catalyst for the Big Bang was. The heaviest support for the Big Bang lies in mathematics, and that support can’t see past the beginning of time. This is why the big bang is still a theory and I believe that that catalyst, the thing that set the universe and time in motion was God.… [Read More]

Warren Beatty vs. Arnie?

Now… anyone who’s bothered to see this, and has failed to laugh needs a swift kick in the backside and a quick trip to a therapist to get their sense of humor checked.

Warren Beatty: former object of Madonna’s affections (apparently he never returned them), star, producer and director of– what was quite possibly one of the worst films released in the 90’s– “Dick Tracy”.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is the man that the democrats are considering pitting against “The Terminator”.

Let’s just ask ourselves folks.. if you were going to the movies and had the option of seeing “The Terminator” again, or seeing “Dick Tracy” which one would you pick?

I thought so.… [Read More]

Laptop Blues No More!

The geek squad guys rock!

I went to pick up my laptop today and asked about my missing ram chip. I didn’t have the receipt with me or anything, because I just stopped off on my way home from class… The geek squad manager went through a heck of a lot of rigamarole… but he replaced my ram chip for me today.

I promised them I would go fill out the survey and give them good marks for my customer service experience, and I have to say the guys at the store were just awesome. As soon as I get my antivirus and spybot and ad-aware back on my machine, I will do just that.

So far so good. They gave me a 60 gig hard drive to replace the 40. They didn’t say why it has a larger hard drive in it. They must have stopped making the 40 gig drive that fits in my laptop or something.… [Read More]