Lego Hacked and Lego Corp Cheers?

Dude! It’s so cool!

Apparently some really passionate adult lego fans, who’ve made some really intricate and creepy looking models out of legos (anyone remember the life sized scooby doo that cartoon network gave away a few years ago?) hacked a lego model designer program to do what they wanted with it. And Lego staffers are backing them up!

Wouldn’t it be neat if more people did things like that?… [Read More]

One Nation Under God Dammit!

Look, I understand that there are people of other religions in this country. I have no problem with that and I respect people of faiths other than my own (what little there is of it anyway). I just think that if you’re Buddhist and in a public school you should say “One Nation Under Buddah”, and if you’re muslim and in a public school you should say, “One Nation Under Allah”.

The pledge isn’t about praying to my god. It’s about pledging to your God that you will be a part of America alongside all the other Americans that are pledging with you. That’s what it’s about. It has nothing to do with Christianity in its intent IMO.

I think that kids should be able to say whatever they feel comfortable saying when they say the pledge. If they are allowed to do that there should be no concern over whether the pledge is said in a public school or not.… [Read More]

Laptop Blues

My laptop blew up around the first of the month. I took it to the store I’d purchased it from for repairs, and they sent it off to get checked. I got my laptop back yesterday, and this morning, after running the machine for two hours, it promptly blew up. What really got me, was when I pulled out my paperwork folder, I looked at the note that I’d written for the techs the first time around. The note was a verbatim copy of the blue screen that windows XP presented to me when it crashed, oh so spectacularly.

My machine gave me the exact same error this morning, down to the error identification number.

Needless to say, I was livid. I was so angry in fact, that I had to spend ten minutes pacing around the house and cursing before I could call my husband and leave a message on his voicemail to let him know what had happened.… [Read More]