Moving Bits and Baubles

It has finally become time to relocate the blog. I’ve been toying with the idea of hosting it on my own webspace for some time, but I never got around to it until I got fed up with having to turn on image verification to keep the comment spammers out of my comments on blogspot. Nothing against blogspot, I had my account there for two years, and will maintain it for archival purposes, but I intend to shut down the comment system, and run my blog here as a part of my website.

Yes, I require that if you choose to comment here, that you have an account on my comment system, which is maintained here on my servers by me. For my blogging software, I’ve chosen to go with WordPress. Tsykoduk uses it, and I have to say, I can see why. It’s a very nice suite. All the functionality of blogger, and then some, with some simple image editing, you can take the templates and make something unique and wholly your own, and talk about ease of administration, it even has it’s own little “Livejournal-esque”
client!… [Read More]

September 11th.

Four years ago today.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how the world has changed, how I’ve changed since that day. The more I think about it, the more I see that so little has changed for me that it’s difficult to see any changes in the world, but I know they are there, I just have to dig deep and find them.

I don’t want to relive the events of that day again.

You can find last year’s post on 9/11 here.

Also, I wrote this on the one year anniversary of September 11th.

I don’t think we need any more backtracking than that.

As for today, here’s what I see: My children are growing older every single day. I don’t want them to, but there’s nothing I can do about that. I am growing wiser every single day. I’m remembering the lessons of my childhood and the things that my grandmother taught me, and the things that my parents taught me, and they all make sense now.… [Read More]

Live Blogging: Enter Naruto Uzumaki?

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Naruto has finally aired on television in the US!

My kids and I have just finished watching the first episode, and so far, I have been *very* pleasantly surprised. The voice casting for the Hokage, the senseis and the other children in the show is solid, but the voice casting for Naruto himself is leaving me a tad cold. The voice really needs to have more power and strength to it. I’m not sure how this voice actress will do with the more poignant moments in the show when Naruto stares into the face of his enemy and says “I will never take back my words! That’s my way of the ninja!”

The bloody nose scenes have been dumbed down a bit, they have been replaced with some blue screens with outlines of blood pouring out of the character’s nose done in white. All in all though, that isn’t unfitting for the series.… [Read More]

Summer Reading

I haven’t been updating the list as regularly as I would have liked. It took me all summer to get through “Jingo”, it wasn’t really very good. Not my favorite Pratchett book.

I’m currently reading “Vampire Hunter D” by Hideyuki Kikuchi. This is not a manga/comic book, it’s a novel. This is the novel that inspired the classic anime horror flick. It has been translated into English for the first time, and it looks like there are plans to translate the entire series into English, which would be really cool.

I’ve long wanted to read a book translated from Japanese. The Japanese language seems to be steeped in this wonderful deep sense of.. I’m not sure what to call it or how to describe it. It’s a very poetic language, very beautiful. I wondered how well a novel written in Japanese originally, would translate into English. So far, VHD does not disappoint.… [Read More]