• Missing Teenager

    Click here. If you’ve seen this girl, please report it to authorities immediately. Via Instapundit

  • Sony’s Payola

    Ouch… And as a result of this, I will always have respect for Sony.

  • Google Files Countersuit

    And brings into question, the validity of non-compete agreements. I have always wondered if non-compete agreements were completely fair. Often these agreements put workers out of an industry entirely. For example, a friend of mine is bound by just such an agreement here in Washington state. Her agreement says that...

  • PC’s Tossed Due to Spyware?

    [Corrupted PCs find new home in the Dumpster CNET News.com](http://news.com.com/Corrupted+PCs+find+new+home+in+the+Dumpster/2100-1029_3-5792379.html?tag=st.prev) So.. I have to say it again I think. Please find “The Rules of Netsurfing” here. Next thing, in the last year, we’ve purchased two new laptops. Both of them came with Norton Antivirus installed. My dad’s dell desktop came...

  • Open-Source Beer

    The Linux of Beers? We shall see. I might just have to ask my husband to whip up some of this open source brew. What a neat concept though, applying open-source licensing law to an analog product. Very neat indeed. I hope it works!