Hillary Says M and AO rated video games “is being marketed” toward our kids.

Putting aside the bad grammar, which is something I find to be appalling coming from a United States Senator (a Senator, in my opinion, should at least know how to speak the English language properly).

All of this sprung up, from a couple hackers that hacked the game engine for GTA: San Andreas. They used the game engine to design pornographic scenes, and posted them up as Omake (Easter Eggs) for the PC version of the game, saying that RockStar games had left this in the video game all along.

Rockstar games came out with a statement denying that they had anything to do with the pornographic material, and said that they parents need appropriate tools to know what games to buy for their children.

Clinton responded by calling for a congressional committee to be put together to investigate Rockstar Games.

Okay.. look. The ESRB is a voluntary system by which the gaming industry polices itself.… [Read More]

Dreamworks Stock Falls

And they are scratching their heads unable to understand why. They are attempting to blame this on soft DVD sales, but the truth is the quality of their work over the last several years has.. blown chunks!

I saw Shrek. That was a great flick, I enjoyed watching it on cable. It never drew me to a theater. Shrek 2 came around, it didn’t draw me to the theater either. When I caught it on cable, I was disappointed in what I saw. Shrek 2 really blew. Sharktale.. Nemo redone with worse animation and less consideration for the animals that were going to get shoved into aquariums by unthinking parents who just want to make their kids happy. Less than impressed. Madagascar? Um.. my kids are getting a little old for cartoon flicks, and the trailers for Madagascar were horrible. I had no intent of ever going to see that film from the moment I saw the first trailer.… [Read More]

Taking Apart MoveOn.Org

It’s far too easy. This is a copy of the statement MoveOn.Org issued with reference to Karl Rove’s involvement in leaking the identify of an undercover CIA Agent. So far, there is no evidence that Rove leaked the agent’s identity nor is there any evidence that Rove knew she was an undercover agent. MoveOn PAC issued this statement regardless of all of that. I have decided to take their statement apart… in Gemini Pink.

“This report makes two things clear: First, in revealing the identity of a covert CIA agent, Rove either knowingly broke the law, or committed an act of gross negligence. In either case he should resign or the President should fire him.”

On what grounds exactly? Mr. Rove never revealed her name according to the article that announces his connection to the case, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. The article from Newsweek clearly states that Mr. Rove was trying to discourage Time magazine from printing a story that later turned out to be erroneous.… [Read More]

Karl Rove: At It Again

Moved to keep this at the top a bit longer. This post will evolve as more comes out on this story during the day.

I suppose that even political geniuses can screw up. According to this article, the mysterious source that allowed the Time reporter to break his confidentiality deal was in fact, Karl Rove. There’s been a whole slew of rumors to that effect wandering around the blogosphere, but no concrete evidence. Now it seems that Rove’s attourney has admitted to the crime.

Ya know, it’s all well and good to do the political thing and take out your enemies on a political level. However, revealing the name of a CIA agent, who’s in the field in hostile territory on a regular basis really takes the cake. Putting that person’s life in danger for your political maneuvers is not only highly irresponsible, it’s illegal. So far, there is no proof that Rove revealed the name.… [Read More]