Al-Qaeda Bombs London Underground

via The Times

You’ve likely already seen this story, but I want to point out something here. They were right. It was only a matter of time before something like this happened in Britain. I’m very glad that the emergency services at the underground were so well-prepared to respond to such an attack, and my heart goes out to the families as always.… [Read More]

Sex Offender’s Blog

When Shasta and Dylan Groene were kidnapped, no one had any idea who could have possibly taken the children. However, new cries for law enforcement to monitor the web more closely have arisen out of the ashes of their kidnapper’s blog.

One commenter asked this question, which I mean to answer, “How can a registered sex offender even have a website like this. Shame on law enforcement for not monitoring him better.”

He can have a website like that, because he has a right to free speech. He served his time. Being a sex offender does not deny or even imply a denial of his rights as a citizen of this country. Yes, sex offenders are scary people. Yes, sex offenders, with only extremely rare exceptions, re-offend. But, here’s a simple fact of the matter. His debt to society, up to the point where he committed a new crime had been paid.… [Read More]

Happy 4th of July

Happy Birthday America!

Seems silly doesn’t it, when you realize that this is what we are in fact celebrating. I have to wonder why America has never been made a red, white and blue birthday cake with giant sparklers on top to celebrate its years in existence, much as we human beings tend to celebrate our own.

Regardless, it is America’s birthday and it is a day for all of us to be proud of who we are and where we come from and where our nation is going in terms of its plays on the world stage.

Whether you choose to celebrate it or not, I’ve painted my nails red with silver and blue sparkles like I do every year and I’m gonna have a good time with my family as we peruse the various vendors in the public park, then go watch the fireworks show, and afterwards, I’ll stare at my nails for two hours while we get out of our parking spot.… [Read More]

Shasta and Dylan Groene Found!

Of course, this wouldn’t make national news. They never report the good stuff that happens, remember?

In any case, the two children that raised the attention of the national news after their mother, her boyfriend and older brother were slain in their home, have been found. At the time, the girl, Shasta, was in the custody of a 42-year-old-man who was arrested on some unrelated charges, in addition to kidnapping. Dylan was found at a home not far from the Denny’s where Shasta was spotted.

I’m so glad these kids have been found safe.

Update: Dylan Groene is still missing, the earlier reports of his being found were made in error.… [Read More]

Why there are no other cats…

For twelve years, my husband and I have shared our home with a wonderful cat. He has been with us from the very beginning, lived through the crappy apartments in bad areas of town, moved two thousand miles across the country, only to get lost behind one of our neighbor’s houses, then to be found again later with four people who hugged him so hard when he was home, that he couldn’t breathe.

Other pets have been added since then, and we have a cockatiel that’s been around longer than that, but Fuzzy has really been our pet. When my son was little, Fuzzy would crawl into his crib and sleep next to him at night. I’d get up in the morning and pick up the cat then set him down on the floor, then I’d pick up my son.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, Fuzzy was our guard cat.… [Read More]