Patriot Act Abuse and Political Leanings – FBI Abuse of Patriot Act Prompt Calls for Reform

When the Patriot Act was passed, this sort of thing was my biggest concern with its passing, so I’m not surprised to see it. I also think that everyone should be aware that these kinds of things are going on in our country. It’s not a perfect system, many of us know that but many more of us are not completely aware of it until it gets dropped in our laps. Enjoy the article.

More interesting to me than things that I already suspected were being done, is what was said in the last two paragraphs of this article. These last two paragraphs exemplify why I vote for Republicans.

Sen. Arlen Specter (PA), the Judiciary Committee’s ranking Republican, told reporters that Congress may “impose statutory requirements and perhaps take away some of the authority which we’ve already given to the FBI, since they appear not to be able to know how to use it.”

Note what Specter says here. The FBI deserves to have its power taken away because the FBI hasn’t been using that power appropriately. He also does not try to defend Congress for granting the FBI that power in the first place. This statement is a plan for how to solve the problem in one complete sentence.

“This goes above and beyond almost everything they’ve done already,” said Sen. Charles Schumer (NY), who was among a host of Democrats promising investigative hearings. “It shows just how this administration has no respect for checks and balances.”

Schumer’s statement here on the situation is purely reactionary. Somehow… Senator Schumer seems to believe that he and the Senate are not responsible for what the FBI has done with the power that the Senate gave them. Where is the solution to the problem and how does delegating the responsibility serve any purpose other than political? It’s certainly not stopping the FBI from abusing power.

This is why I vote Republican.