PC’s Tossed Due to Spyware?

Corrupted PCs find new home in the Dumpster | CNET News.com

So.. I have to say it again I think. Please find “The Rules of Netsurfing” here. Next thing, in the last year, we’ve purchased two new laptops. Both of them came with Norton Antivirus installed. My dad’s dell desktop came with Norton Antivirus installed. My mom’s dell laptop came with Norton Antivirus installed.

Explain to me how it’s possible to get a PC without antivirus software these days, and if you get the pc with the antivirus software, why in the heck aren’t you running it?

I agree that spyware is a problem, but at one year old, after just making sure that I run my antivirus updates and once every month or so, I scan the system with spybot search and destroy, and Lavasoft’s AdAware… in addition to the fact that I don’t use Microsoft *anything* for internet tools… I don’t have problems with spyware or adware.

It just takes a little common sense, and the knowledge that Microsoft’s internet tools are NOT the end all and be all of existence.