Pet Peeves

This is not a meme, but if you want to do it on your facebook page or something, I suppose you could turn it into one. One of the gals on the Lab board posted and asked what our pet peeves are. These are mine, if you post yours somewhere, send me a link in the comments!

Door to door anybody. This is my home. It is a place of peace and serenity where I attempt to write novels that will probably never get published and periodically have to chase Mugen down because he stole a dish towel off the kitchen counter. I do not have time to answer the door. Mugen might be swallowing a sock while I am telling you to go away, so just get the hint when I say, “No thanks.” and shut the door in your face. Do NOT knock again. Go away!


Spam. Seriously? Does that even work? Who are these people who are buying stuff via spam anyway? Are they really that stupid? OMG.

Extenze commercials.

Look, I do not, and never have, sent out Christmas cards to people. I don’t want to sit down and address and sign them all. Yes, I am that lazy. If you are truly my friend, then you know that I love you and will be there for you through thick and thin and you will not place high value on a stupid card. If you want to know why I didn’t send you a card, ask anyone who’s known me longer than you, or heck… ask ME. I just don’t do it. So don’t WHINE at me when you haven’t received my Christmas card, ‘kay? Check your e-mail on Christmas Day. That’s when I send my “card”.

Son, do you REALLY have to leave your socks in the floor under poor Graybird’s cage? I am sure that birds have sensitive noses and even if they don’t, Graybird is older than you are. I’m pretty sure that he watched Moses part the Red Sea. He can’t handle the odor from your socks. Put them in the dirty laundry please. Even better, if you wash them yourself.

Daughter, I know you love my wagadorks. But do you have to SHRIEK Mugen’s name at the top of your lungs when you come in the house every single day? I’m going to end up with broken ear drums or a broken ankle because the little stinker has decided to knock me down so that he can run to meet you… and poor Lucy doesn’t have a chance at beating Mugen to the door to say hi.. she’s more likely to get knocked down by him than I am. Have some respect for us old gals, geez.

Mugen, for the love of God it’s a STICK.

Lucy, I know there are dogs outside honey. What exactly do you think you are going to do if I let you out that front door, swee’pea, hm? Bark some more?

I think that’s about it… for today.