Pit Bulls Kill Kid and Parents Had No Idea?

Read this article and then if you’ve ever owned a dog… feel free to say “bullsh**” aloud in response to the claim that the parents had no indication that their child was in danger.

Two pit bulls. One in heat, the other desperately trying to get at the one in heat. First mistake. The dogs should have been fixed.

The child had been bitten twice by the dogs earlier in the day. And this is not a big deal? Pit bulls have huge jaws and pack some serious power into a bite. They know this. Furthermore, bites are not warnings from dogs. Warnings are growls and changes in the position of their head, hackles and tail. Bites are declarations of war.

This is another example of poor dog ownership ending in someone’s death. These people were absolutely stupid and did not heed the danger signs that were being transmitted to them by their dogs.

I hope the prosecutors call in an animal behaviorist to explain to these people how serious those initial bites early that day were and how, if the family had just known what they meant, their son wouldn’t be dead and neither would their dogs.

The stupidity that abounds in our society never ceases to amaze me.