An Unfettered Voice

This is a badly done poem I think. I blame Jeb for this. His muse found me, “Nancy, The-What-If-Muse” I believe is her name. She’s known for tossing derelict flights of fancy into Jeb’s brain that never go anywhere. This one went somewhere. Anyway, it’s his fault. If you want to chew someone out for my bad poetry, just ask him.

Today, I fought terrorism.
I stood up for everything I believe in and for my American dream.
I told the anti-American activists overseas
That I thumb my nose at their disbelief in our way of life.
I cried out, in a voice that could not be ignored,
“I am an American!”
I made my patriotism known,
Not only to those who have never known me,
But also to those who know me well.
I gave a man a job today.
I took the job of another man away,
And said “I’m tired of your bullshit and your lies.”
I told my state government exactly what I think of them.
I told the federal government too.
I let them hear all of my grievances
And explained just why it is that I am disgruntled.
Not just with the American justice system,
But with the way things are being run in this country too.
Every little thing that has been on my mind for the past two years,
Is finally off my chest.
The cool part is, in two more years,
I get to go out and do it again.
Why am I so privileged,
That I have the ear of every politician in the nation?
What makes me so special,
That my voice is loud enough to be heard?
That’s simple.
Today, I voted.
And from looking at your face,
I can see that you did not.