Fan Girl

I see you as an angel,

coming to save me from a terrible fate.

My dreams deceive me.

If I have sinned in anything in life,

I have sinned in not being happy

with what God gave me.

Healthy family, a happy home

(is any home happy?)

The capacity, if not the ability,

to hear your voice,

see your face,

touch your skin.

It’s not enough.

I want more.

I want the deception of my dreams.

I want to hear you

whisper in my ear as I dream.

I want to feel you

kiss my shoulder as I sleep.

I want to…

know what color your eyes really are.

All of this because of a dream.

And now, especially now, I want to believe.

“Fan Girl” was published on August 15, 2012 in the Spokane River Writers Anthology titled … And Then What Happened? Vol 1.

A copy of the anthology may be purchased here. Please consider purchasing a copy! The proceeds from this book will support NaNoWriMo and Young Writers programs in my area, which foster a life long love of the written word.