The only decent thing I’ve written all day… and it’s a poem.

It starts out at 5 am.
The dog barks and wants out of bed.
Sleep until 6:30. Get up.
Feed the children breakfast.
Make a cup of coffee.
Send them out the door.
Peace for a few hours.
The kids get home.
Feed the kids snacks.
Chase the dogs around.
The husband gets home.
All hell breaks loose.
Dinner is made.
People are fed.
“Where’s my sock?”
“Where’s my iPod?”
“I don’t want to watch that!”
“Well I don’t want to watch that!”
Meanwhile the dog is chewing…
On someone’s shoe.
Who will find the sock?
Who will find the iPod?
Who will bring compromise to the television?
Who will teach the dog to “leave it”?