Protecting the Flag?

Ban on Flag Burning has Chance to Pass Senate?

Note again, that I’m a conservative by and large. I don’t favor this initiative. I don’t care who burns the flag for whatever reason, as long as they paid for it out of their own pockets, rather than stealing it from someone else, it’s theirs to do with as they see fit.

Yes, it offends me to see a flag being burned on TV, but it’s not my right to tell that person they can’t and it’s not the government’s job. It is my right to say “Hey! I think what you’re doing is wrong and I don’t like it.” I don’t need congress to speak for me, I can be plenty loud when I choose to be, thank you very much.

The idea that congress feels the need to pass this law offends me almost as much as flag burning itself. They are putting far too much faith in symbols. There’s more to freedom and democracy than a flag. That’s part of why protecting freedom of speech is so important. It’s a very vital part of what this nation was founded on. As long as we are able to speak and act as we choose, in a peaceful manner that brings no other individuals or their rights harm, we are supporting what makes this nation great.

In light of this, the idea of banning flag burning seems more and more like socialist agenda, rather than an expression of a vibrant democracy at its best.

Update: Check out this post from The Anchoress. Some interesting points of view from here, that are similar to my own beliefs on this subject.

More here: from the Volokh Conspiracy. Eugene Volokh makes an interesting point about the confederate flag versus the US flag and how one should not be treated differently than the other, and I think he’s right. Also see this post from Citizen Smash.