Rampant School Bullying

I swear this country is almost as bad as Japan, where the teenage suicide rate is through the roof due to excessive bullying that is ignored by school staff and parents.

This poor kid, resorted to taking a gun to school to scare the principal into stopping other students from bullying him. Some examples of the bullying? His head was stuffed in a toilet, he was stuffed in lockers and shoved into bushes. I don’t know what school you went to, but when I was in school and I went to the principal’s office to tell him that I’d been stuffed in a locker, the students responsible got suspended from school for a week. Phone calls were made to their parents, and their parents came to school to pick them up with the most angry, pissed off look on their faces that a parent could ever make. Those kids, got into serious trouble. They didn’t spend that week long suspension sitting at home, playing their xbox, guaranteed.

Back in my day, kids got in trouble for doing crap like that. Now, students go and talk to counselors about how they felt at the time they did these things, and what drove them to behave that way, and told not to do it anymore. Then they are sent to in school suspension for the remainder of the school day and parents are not notified that the child has been causing trouble at school. In in school suspension, they can color pictures and read books so long as all their other school work is done. They are given many activities to keep them busy, and they are not required to spend that time thinking about their crime.

Why don’t schools call parents? The schools fear they may contribute to parent abuse of a child, and that bullying is often a learned behavior. Child abuse often rears its ugly head to schools in the form of bruises with stories that don’t make sense, and kids lying about the abuse to school officials. It was often discovered by teachers back in my day. Believe me, if there is abuse in a home, there is little that a public school’s lack of involvement in the home life will do to stop that from happening, if anything at all.

Why should you care? Because it’s your kid’s head that’s getting shoved into a toilet. Maybe you own a firearm, maybe you don’t. That’s irrelevant. If people get desperate enough about a situation, and authority figures do not help them, they will take matters into their own hands whether they should or not.

Which is better? School shootings, or no school shootings? School shootings were unheard of prior to the advent of “feel good schooling”. Personally… I’d rather my kid not get shot by your kid because the school didn’t talk to you about the problems your kid was having. Just a thought.