Randomness of the Day.

I don’t have much to post on, except that I watched Hurricane Ivan move in and hit the coast after I got home last night. Boy that was scary.

I read some more stuff on RatherGate, but you can catch up on all of that by heading over to Instapundit.

I also woke up to something interesting this morning, and had to ask myself if there was a minor earthquake or some such. My dvd rack, which is one of those that’s more stable when it’s full than empty (and was nearly full) fell over for no apparent reason other than… it wanted to.

I had to spend half an hour putting the dvd’s back and readjusting the weight balance so that the shelves that were full were on the bottom, and the ones that weren’t were on top. And I shored up the rack in the front with a couple of pieces of cardboard under the front two feet. I hope this will hold it for the time being.

I was surprised by how much anime I own at this point in time. Though my collection nowhere near rivals that of several other friends… I’m closing in on 80 dvd’s worth of stuff so far. By the time I finish Wolf’s Rain and Witch Hunter Robin, I’ll have hit the 80 dvd mark. Once I get past the next two series after that (Ai Yori Aoshi and Ai Yori Aoshi Enshi), I’ll need to come up with another DVD rack.

And oddly enough, I am not anime blogging, but in fact, pajama blogging.