Rant: Headlights

You know things are bad when you need sunglasses at night to cut down on the glare in your sideviews.

I’m driving along tonight, and no less than six jerks, in vehicles that can only be described as “I’m not responsible for your physical inadequacies mobiles”, pulled up so close to my bumper that all three of my mirrors HAD to be glaring in their faces. I’m not sure how they could have seen the light change for all the glare, I know I sure as heck couldn’t.

I felt the need to post a sign on the back of my car that says, “If you can read this you either have excellent vision, or you in your SUV or pick-up need to learn to back the hell off!”

Look… I realize that I must accept the fact that people are going to drive these ridiculously tall vehicles. What upsets me is that the people who drive these things are completely unaware that there are smaller things than them on the road. Me, in my riceburner sedan cannot see past the end of your hood when you stop at a light IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CROSSWALK! There is a reason they paint lines on the road for you to stop at. Learn to respect them.

Also realize, that every time you pull up behind a sedan with your lights on, you are BLINDING the driver in front of you if you don’t stay back a respectable distance (more than 6 inches off the bumper). Do you want the guy in front of you to be blind and have to stop quickly so you can rear end him and get a point against you on your insurance? Is this even remotely wise?

People really need to learn to be nicer to each other. This is one of many ways that the world could become a better place.