Sad Day

So… today I went out with some friends I hadn’t been out to do things with in a while. We had a good time, but things got a little cramped coming home so I left a note for my son on the door to let himself in while I dropped off my friend and her kids.

I called him to make sure he’d gotten in okay and he was in tears. I was scared to death, I asked him if he was okay, if I needed to call the police or an ambulance and he said, “I’m fine. One of the birds died.”

My son has been taking care of our aging cockatiels for the last year and has grown very attached to them. It must have been very heartbreaking for him to come home, come in and read the note from mom and then find the bird laying in the bottom of her cage with her neck twisted in an unnatural way.

If I’d been my son today, I would ahve cried too. Especially this being the second or third time I’ve trusted him to be responsible enough to let himself into the house and get on his homework.

R.I.P Babe. Graybird misses you and so do we.