Saddam is dead.

Telegraph | News | Saddam: the end

The article above describes the legal wrangling that led up to Saddam Hussein’s execution earlier today. It’s the end of an era for Iraq, one that I think the Iraqi people will be glad to put behind them, but my question to the Iraqis and to the world is this: Now that he’s gone, do you feel safer?

I don’t know that I do. It doesn’t mean that I don’t think justice was served. Saddam Hussein died for murdering 148 people, he was blamed for using experimental chemical weapons on his own population, he was a bad guy. I don’t know yet weather or not I agree with the death penalty, that’s a question I will continue to wrestle with, but regardless of all of that, Hussein took his punishment for his crime. I hope that justice will find its way to every Iraqi very soon as a result of this.

You would think that we should feel safer, knowing that Iraq will become stable and democratic, ruled by its people and not by a tyrant, but all I really feel, after all we have been through in America since 2001, is sad.

We came out for each other, and ever since then we’ve been fighting in the political arenas about how best to protect ourselves so that no one would ever be able to drop a couple of skyscrapers on a major population center in America ever again.

Do you feel safer?

I don’t know that I do. I’m not so sure that you really do either.

Something to think about.

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