Save Net Radio: Brief Reprieve

This isn’t a cure all, but as Nome pointed out in the comments the other day, Net Radio is being given a short reprieve that will delay charges until negotiations on what charges are appropriate have been completed. There is more on this on Save Net Radio’s website, and here’s the link to the article on wired.

I have emailed my Senators and congressmen. My congressional representative is a co-sponsor of the bill, and one of my senators emailed me back to let me know that she would vote in favor of the bill the congressman has sponsored. The other Senator never emailed me back… as usual for that Senator. I do have to wonder how she keeps getting re-elected. I always get emails back from one and never the other. It feels like it’s a waste of time to send the email to both of them.

If you haven’t emailed your senators and congressmen yet, do so today! Save Net Radio!