Scary Guy Stalks Kid Via Xbox Live

Forget that the guy is a creepy bastard. Forget that the kid was playing xbox live for just a second…

What the hell was this kid doing, giving her real name out on the internet? Did her parents not teach her any common sense? You *never* ever do that as a minor. That is how creepy bastards like this find you and drive by your house and threaten to rape you. They can’t do it if you don’t tell them who you are!

Anonymity is our greatest safety feature on the internet. It truly is, but in order to maintain it, one must keep one’s mouth shut. If the parents of this girl happen to be reading this at some point, please talk to your daughter about the importance of maintaining her anonymity on the internet because it will protect her from stalker assholes for the rest of her life.

I imagine this girl has now learned her lesson, and I am relieved that this sick bastard is in jail. I truly am.