Seattle MINI

As many of you may remember, my experiences at Northwest MINI last summer were nothing short of a nightmare. I was in tears when I finally made it home. I couldn’t even complain while I was at the dealership because I was so angry that I was afraid I’d go postal on the staff there. When I got home I emailed a scathing letter to the lovely man who sold Viola to me… and he vowed to make it right and suggested that he would take care of my car personally or that I could go to Seattle MINI when it opened this year.

Hubby suggested we try Seattle MINI when it was time for Viola’s warranty service inspection.

He even drove her over for me.

They got my car in this morning. They knew that he’d driven from Spokane. They had a loaner car ready and waiting for him. They took what is traditionally a 6 hour job and turned it into a 2 hour job, but by no means did that mean they cut corners. They most emphatically did NOT cut any corners. The SA freed up his best guy to make sure that my husband and daughter could leave Seattle and get over the pass and home safely today, because he knew there was a snow storm about to blow through the Cascades.

I have a very detailed explanation of exactly everything that Seattle MINI did to my car and they test drove it before they gave it back to my husband… to make sure that they’d done it right.

My roof graphic was eaten by the winds over Puget Sound… but my MINI is home and she is safe and she’s running great. I’m almost in tears because I don’t have ANY complaints about this visit so far. They did my oil change early, so I wouldn’t have to drive Viola back to the dealership in a month when she’d be due for an oil change. They really took care of my car.

This is how it should be.