Shades of the Rossi-Gregoire Battle to Come…

Interesting post on Gateway Pundit. (via Instapundit).

I posted a comment on here with regard to my feelings, and what I view as being the feelings of many of us who voted for Dino Rossi, (the fact that we voted for a guy named after Fred Flintstone’s dog notwithstanding). While I want nothing more in this whole debacle than for Gregoire to be proven the lying sack of trash that she is, I am really disappointed to see a candidate that I voted for stoop to the level of Al Gore in the 2000 election. I slammed Gore for that, and Mr. Rossi, I’m going to slam you for it too.

Our state and our nation would be much better served by a world where elections are simply that, elections, rather than years upon years of litigations. I didn’t register to vote so that a court could decide my opinion for me. I registered to vote so I could make my voice heard. Filing these lawsuits sets dangerous legal precedent that will, I believe, in the long term create a country where all election decisions are made by judges in courts, rather than by the people who went out in the rain and cold to vote for someone.

We’re losing track of what the election process is really about. It’s not about the candidates, it’s about the people who vote for them. I still firmly believe (even after 3 quarters of learning to comprehend and understand some of the very core values of liberal agenda) that our system is the greatest system there is. We absolutely must put our faith in that system if our nation is to survive.

Mr. Rossi, your lack of faith astounds me.