Shin Megami Tensei: DDS 1

I haven’t been blogging a lot. I’ve been spending far too many hours in front of the PS2 when I’m not studying because I’d finally gotten so close to the end of SMT: Digital Devil Saga 1 about two weeks ago… that I figured I might as well finish the thing.

Go ahead, laugh.

First of all, this is the first time I’ve *ever* played a megaten title. While visually pretty, and a lot of fun, I’ve played far prettier RPG’s. It’s hard to beat the Final Fantasy games when it comes to visuals so gorgeous that they bring tears to your eyes. Also, at that time, I’d logged about 50 hours of gameplay. This is an impressive number for a single disc of any RPG title on the PS2. It only took me 40 hours to beat Kingdom Hearts, and the .hack series doesn’t count because it’s four games inside one long story, and the first Xenosaga was about 50 hours of gameplay. I was sure I was so close to the end!

Har har. At 68 hours of logged gameplay and counting, I’m still one dungeon away from finishing the first installment in this two (possibly three? There are rumors of a DDS spin-off title floating around) part game.

I love the game overall. The story is great, the graphics are good and the wide variety of skills available to a character at any given time make this a fun game to play. I just have one problem with it.

If you are going to make a game this long… Atlus… PLEASE PUT MORE MUSIC IN IT!!!

The music is starting to drive me insane because it rotates through the same five songs over and over and over again, but I am holding out hope for DDS2. Supposedly, the combat music changes completely in the second game.