Signing off!

To my faithful blog readers and dear friends… oh the drama that must ensue!


I’m signing off for a few days. I’m having a procedure done that’s called a LEEP. This procedure will stop the cell mutation in my cervix, which could eventually end up with me being diagnosed with cervical cancer.

I’ll be fine, but I wanted to let everyone know what’s going on for two reasons. 1. Many of the people that read this blog care about me, and 2. To spread the word that this can happen to anyone and that there is something that you can do about it.

If they had invented Gardasil ten years ago, I would not be going in for outpatient surgery tomorrow that will ruin the rest of my summer. My daughter and I both are being vaccinated with Gardasil after my procedure. My doctor wants me vaccinated against the other variations of HPV right away and is extremely thrilled about the life-saving potential that Gardasil has put into his hands. I recommend to anyone who has a girl that they love in their life, especially if that girl is your wife or daughter, talk to them about Gardasil and HPV. Research the vaccine, and make your own decisions, but please, choose to do something rather than nothing. The stress this has put on me has been so awful… and with a vaccine to put an end to the majority of the cases of cervical cancer out there, there is no reason that a woman should have to go through what I am going through, ever again. There’s absolutely no sense in it.

I’ll check in again when I’m feeling well enough to post.