Sony and Apple in for ITunes Deal?

The rumors are starting. And my god, it would be an absolutely sweet deal.

I would love to have my minidisc player work with itunes. If itunes could burn minidiscs… I’d probably already be there. If Sony made a cheaper ipod… I’d be there.

Just for those of you who don’t know… Minidisc uses Sony’s proprietary Atrac format, otherwise known as OpenMG encoding. This protects the song so that you can only make three copies of any one track using Sony’s minidisc burning software/music player, SonicStage. Copyright protection, at the convenience of the end user. It’s nice.

Sony and Apple getting in bed together to allow itunes to work with minidisc, the new network walkmans… and Sony launching it’s own line of ipods, much like HP did last Friday would mean a powerful force launching against Microsoft’s own bid to enter the digital music biz.

God… it’ll be beautiful.