Sony Gets Sick of Rootkit Infamy.

In an interesting business move, Sony BMG has filed a lawsuit against The Amergence Group for providing the MediaMax software that led to the rootkit scandal which has several people frothing at the mouth for Sony’s demise.

Oddly enough, this suit says what I said at the beginning of this whole mess, that Sony did not write the rootkit and that it was extremely likely that Sony had no idea that the rootkit mess would emerge from their attempts at copy protection. They hired a third party to handle copy protection for them, they trusted the third party to respect Sony’s customers. Sony put their trust in the wrong company. Simple as that.

Sony’s not looking to recoup money lost from the rootkit scandal. Money on this magnitude is small time for a company like Sony. What Sony is doing with this lawsuit, is using it to recover their good name because they’ve finally gotten sick of the slashdotters and diggers who constantly blame Sony for all the world’s ills because “Sony made a rootkit!”

Sony’s out to prove them wrong, and Sony is right to do so.

Good luck Sony.